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  1. http://unity3d.com - It's a free gaming engine that's used to make games across many platforms. 3D Buzz sent me an email about free Unity Tutorials that they released. I downloaded them all. Streaming access http://www.3dbuzz.com/vbforum/sv_videonav.php?fid=1ec1a7be9c0d4cf9e7a31525250a30ff Download access http://www.3dbuzz.com/unityfundamentals When I got the email i thought of you guys. Hope this helps, or gives you something to play with in your spare time.
  2. tmapm

    What's Ar2's New Site?

    Maybe. Would have to be a Saturday tho'. I imagine I probably have a version of 6.0 that was in the works (a long time ago) that was installed, so i would have to clean that up first if we were to play.
  3. tmapm

    What's Ar2's New Site?

    Earliest I could make something would be Sunday or early next week if someone doesn't get to it before then.
  4. tmapm

    What Is Ar2?

    Icon, you're right that AR1 was a Tiberian Sun mod and that it has no relations to AR2. The only thing that links AR1 and AR2 is its creator, Chronosfera.
  5. tmapm

    So Is This Mod Still Being Updated?

    I mean what I say. If I say no work is being done, no work is being done.
  6. tmapm

    So Is This Mod Still Being Updated?

    Work isn't being done on it at the present time. We still do want to push out a release, but it won't be anytime soon. We are interested in the new RP2 that PD is going to release that allows you to write your own code into the engine, but we're still waiting for that.
  7. tmapm

    So Is This Mod Still Being Updated?

    Code from AR2 3.8 [V3] Image=LEVHVR UIName=Name:LEVHVR Name=Leviathan Prerequisite=GAWEAP,GATECH Strength=450 Armor=medium IsTilter=yes TargetLaser=yes TechLevel=8 Sight=4 Speed=8 CrateGoodie=no Owner=Genesis Cost=1800 Points=25 Soylent=1800 VoiceSelect=GenAllVehicleSelect VoiceMove=GenAllVehicleMove VoiceAttack=GenAllVehicleAttackCommand MaxDebris=12 MinDebris=10 ThreatPosed=0 SpecialThreatValue=1 DamageParticleSystems=AuraParticleSys DamageSmokeOffset=-40, 0, 150 Weight=4 VeteranAbilities=STRONGER,FIREPOWER,FASTER,CLOAK EliteAbilities=STRONGER,FIREPOWER,ROF Size=4 Explodes=yes DeathWeapon=GenHVDeath SpeedType=Hover Locomotor={4A582742-9839-11d1-B709-00A024DDAFD1} MovementZone=AmphibiousDestroyer MoveToShroud=yes MoveSound=LandingCraftMoveStart TypeImmune=yes OpportunityFire=yes CrashingSound=GenVehicleDie ImpactLandSound=GenAircraftCrash HoverAttack=yes Primary=LevLauncher SpawnRegenRate=80 NoSpawnAlt=no FireAngle=32 ToProtect=yes PixelSelectionBracketDelta=-8 ROT=1 Crusher=no SelfHealing=yes AccelerationFactor=2 DeaccelerationFactor=1 SlowdownDistance=600 Accelerates=true MobileFire=no CanRetaliate=yes
  8. tmapm

    More Updates

    That is absolutely...awesome.
  9. tmapm

    So Is This Mod Still Being Updated?

    I know that gamemate gave me some code in an attempt to fix the repear. I'm not sure, but this may or may not be fixed. Can you give a more detailed explaination? Which bunkers, and how does it happen?
  10. tmapm

    It's Out!

    Sweet. I enjoyed watching the trailer. :)
  11. tmapm

    Ai Edit

    This is for TS, but it is pretty much the same, if not identical to RA2. http://www.steffke.de/jbbs/doc/CC/Kuenstli...g_en/index.html
  12. tmapm


    If you run the installer and run the mod, and then exit the game, it should automatically uninstall.
  13. tmapm

    Help Wanted

    You could make a new multiplayer map for An Act of War and send that. If they like it, they could add it to the mod as well as hire you. Just an idea.
  14. tmapm

    So Is This Mod Still Being Updated?

    When you have a certain number of posts, your forum rank changes. Yes, we should have fixed the harvestor issue a long time ago for this new version.
  15. tmapm

    So Is This Mod Still Being Updated?

    When I'm working on AR2, I'm implementing a new superweapon for Nemesis.