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  1. Chrono

    Feeling Nostalgic...

    Tiny step towards revival :D/> :P/> Added the Enforcer and Jackal to the bleed build of OpenRA
  2. Chrono

    Mini Patch: Those With 5.0

    Hi TotalPrime and IconofEvi ! great to see some activities here. I think I may try to put some .shp from the old AR2 in openRA and see if I am successful. The last openRA build I tried didn't handle palettes quite well. Woah, cold_fusion! I remember you! I'd be interested in helping out with graphics if you decide to revive the mod - I was the project lead / lead artist for PreRA2. AR2 was my favorite mod back in the day.
  3. Chrono

    Mini Patch: Those With 5.0

    Not too sure how to work the forum anymore... :P Still waiting for the openRA TS implementation ...
  4. Chrono

    Mini Patch: Those With 5.0

    My availability is pretty limited as well, and it will take me some time to learn how to make the graphical assets and for OpenRA to catch up with all the TS/RA2 functions, so I think it will take a while to get this going. I just made this model from one of the old concept arts after learning Blender for a week ... hopefully I will get better at it and be able to make something more sophisticated.
  5. Chrono

    Mini Patch: Those With 5.0

    I think I will definitely give OpenRA a go.
  6. Chrono

    Mini Patch: Those With 5.0

    Has anyone looked into modding OpenRA? I might be interested in porting AR2 over there if anyone wants to join.
  7. Chrono

    Mini Patch: Those With 5.0

    Wow, I can't believe this place is still around, after what, 10 years? I would definitely be interested in reviving AR2 if the next C&C ever comes out. Chrono
  8. Chrono

    Ar2 Background Questions

    I am surprised by the interest in the story. An RTS mod isn't exactly a good medium for telling a story and I regret the AR2 story was never finished or even made to be self-coherent in its many different versions. But to answer you, in short, both sides are military rule, though to different degrees. As a result of the breakdown of social order and the drastic climatic change resulted from the first invasion, the previous global council formed by the Atrigan superpowers disintegrated and was in effect taken over by leaders of "Project Genesis", a secret program of the Dezhori government. Authoritarianism emerged from the need to maintain order and preserve previous quality of life, but only the elite few of the planet were privileged enough to be included in the dome cities where life more or less went by as they were before the invasion. The faction known in the game as "Genesis" still rules through the rubber-stamp global council and claims to have legitimate rule over the planet, but in effect the regions the Genesis controls shrink day by day from the glacial wastelands to only the proximal regions surrounding the gigantic shielded cities erected over the past decades. Indeed after the short but significant period of global governance followed by the peaceful coexistence between the Genesis and the Nemesis, the idea of faction boundaries isn't always apparent and regions whose loyalty to the factions isn't immediately clear exist as buffer zones between the hearts of operation of the Nemesis and the Genesis. Nemesis is a borderline sovereignty, or it can be viewed as a reactionary alliance who revolts against the council. It comprises of the majority of the world population who struggle to survive out in the cold and underground, as well as Genesis members who're in secret sympathetic to their cause. The Nemesis leadership is able to unite local leaders and exert influence over economic and industrial activities throughout the planet. Whereas Genesis aims to recover from the first invasion, preserve the quality of life and restore previous colonial glory, Nemesis sees 'etherealization' technologies and the transhumanism pursued by Genesis as a perversion of Atrigan essence, and aims to reinstate personal liberties and take back the planet from the "robots". The common members of Genesis are more than likely not to be a Shiner, but the preservation of consciousness beyond death, and the will of transformation of life beyond its carbon origin are mainstream ideas, there is this idea of that, for life as a basic self replicator, that just as the physical universe provided the environment for genetic evolution, the conscious mind provided a medium for a memetic evolution of the collective will, which in turn ought to supercede and shape its physical origin to allow it to better propagate and manipulate matter and energy in the universe. The connotation of a dictatorship might very well be negative if you're accustomed to a post-modern framework. It is really not easy to explain, to be content with our post-affluent lifestyle is really to blind ourselves from being able to understand the ruthlessness it takes to transform a society. The relationship between Nemesis and Genesis isn't necessarily clear either. One can view the Shiners as the creation of Atrigans playing god, the children of Atrigan who will come to rule, yet one can just as easily imagine Nemesis as a creation of the extant structure of society revolting against its creator. On top of all those, the invaders coinciding with deities in Atrigan lore are returning to bring an end to Atrigo. I guess that's the central theme of the story, is there an immutable essence of this experience of our existence, what would one be willing to sacrifice to achieve certain ends against the odds, ultimately what is morally acceptable under the premise that there is no objective framework for good and evil, and what happens when your god wishes you dead. Survival is the only imperative and indeed the only merit of a self-replicator. Edit: typos
  9. Chrono

    What Mods Do You Want To See For C&c3?

    I remember I must have commented on this countless times before, but since you pulled me all the way back here, here it is again. Kornlord's 'AR3' originated as a proposal he put forward to us to help us assemble a prequel for AR2 in whatever way we see fit for the game Generals. It was to be entirely under Godwin's direction and he was to design the concept arts and units for the project; however soon after we started we no longer had the time to invest on the side project and it was understood by all parties that the project was to be discontinued. After some period of time Kornlord decided to resurrect the mod at his own will, we asked him to stop, he did it again, it was a mess, we don't have a team of lawyers, we can't be bothered, and we became very cautious about collaboration, and to this date the only people given full permission to work on any AR2/3 project are the old AR2 team (tmapm/gamemate/v7 and the people they recruit) continuing on the released mod under Godwin's supervision. And with that exception, if it is not made by Godwin and me, then it is not ours and it is not the real thing. We don't like drama either, and the enthusiasm we received has always been seen as a compliment. Yet AR2 is and remains Godwin's and my creation, and because of what all happened all these years we tend to be very protective of it. So naturally we are very uncomfortable with people who like our stuff approaching us and telling us what awesome plans they have that should be in AR2/3. We by no means dismiss those people's creativity, in fact we really encourage them to begin their own project, something they can call their own. As for our own project, Convergence was going to be AR3, but maybe we felt we weren't ready, maybe we just had all too much to deal with in real life, maybe there was no good candidate game to work on, maybe we thought mods or even games weren't the best media to present AR3 on, we put the project on hold. Since then we moved on to other things, I myself have been having fun on MMOs building guilds and what not. But with the announcement of C&C3, who knows what will happen; maybe you will see more of AR still in the future. C
  10. Chrono

    Future Versions

    He noticed I typed Atys while I meant Atrigo :x It's been fixed.
  11. Chrono

    Future Versions

    The underground cities aren't like a world within the world of Atrigo. In fact there are scattered establishments on the vast surface of Atrigo where the ruins of the destroyed cities stand. Underground worlds were developed from mining caves that are abundant on Atrigo, and serve mainly to house strategically important infrastructures and factories. As for dystopia, I wouldn't say the Nemesis live in constant oppression like people in the Matrix. The Scrin is also more of a prior concern for the Genesis than the Nemesis, who think the planet must first be taken back from the 'robots' and the autocrats for it to have a future. In general their major challenges are the climatic change and retaining their way of life - It must be kept in mind that Atrigo was by no means an isolated society in the past, they relied upon Aureon and interspace trading and had command over technologies such as real time communication across the galaxy and warp travels. It's only after the first invasion that any outside linkage was wiped out and Atrigo was left with little to no industrial capacity to rebuild any fleet. The lack of specific resources and materials is thus the biggest problem for Atrigo, and for what remains the Genesis has control over most. The Genesis maintains the knowledge and expertise to relaunch its space operation, and in fact is already in possession of small orbital platforms and stations, but more ambitious efforts have been crippled by slow recovery from the total destruction brought by the first invasion, indifference from former colonies, local problems and a possible second invasion. The Genesis citizens are ordinary Atrigans like the Nemesis, and are the rich, the powerful or the professional selected by the elitist government. A good portion of them has never endured the hardship in the cold. The Nemesis more of an organized army than an apparatus of governance, and is definitely more loosely organized than the Genesis in an everyday sense. But as I said before, both sides have fallen into military rules after the first invasion. While working on a remake of AR2 I have come to develop a fairly good idea of how to make the portrait of AR2 more plausible in a sociopolitical sense. Godwin if you want to discuss, feel free to contact me on MSN. I still have plans for AR2, and the RA2 version is simply left here for tmapm to maintain and optimize. I would be grateful if any potential reinterpretation or story development is discussed with me first...
  12. Chrono

    Ar2 Site Up

    I brought the AR2 site back online, which is now hosted under convergence-mod.net, and can be accessed from either http://www.convergence-mod.net/ar2 http://dynamic5.gamespy.com/~ar2 or http://www.epihuman.net
  13. Chrono


    Ooo Deus Ex, my favorite PC game of all time :) And, IGN says this regarding the new RA game, ah haha. "We'll have more info as the story develops. Let's just hope it's not a sequel to Renegade."
  14. Chrono

    Bush Visits Ottawa - Riot

    Of course, he turned the whole US into the biggest joke in history.
  15. Chrono

    Halo 2 Vs. Half Life 2

    I am still trying to figure out if 'MASTERBATE' is a Halo pun or something...