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  1. wuyanxu

    First C&c3 Mod Available

    so true. so Nod will have an advantage in this? cool........ i'll get my friend to install it and i'll play against them as Nod :D thanks
  2. wuyanxu

    Buying An Agp Card

    either go for 7600GT (seeing as it's dropped in price) or for the cheaper option of x1650pro. i've chosen a x1650pro over 7600GS, because ATI has always been better value for money. 7600GT was a little too expensive, but if you can afford 7600GT, it will blow the x1650pro or 7600GS away.
  3. wuyanxu


    believe it or not, Scrin missions are in the game.
  4. wuyanxu

    Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

    same here. so is CoD4 confirmed to be on PC or it's another miss for us PC gamers?
  5. wuyanxu

    Woot! C&c3 Arrived Earlier!

    Nod's late game army should be: 30 stealth tanks to cover.... 30 beam cannons plus 4 or 5 airfields of stealth bomber just bomb the MCV/crane and war factory to hell, then the defences. and finally the suicide buggy EMP + beam cannon should take out any mammoth tank. stealth tanks should only be used when your beam cannon get attacked by air or mammoths gets too close and no EMP buggy left
  6. wuyanxu

    Supreme Commander

    same here, by that, it means first mission for my Sempron 2800+
  7. wuyanxu

    Woot! C&c3 Arrived Earlier!

    well, for your information, i also beat Brutal Turtle AI with ease. (reply) turtle AI is easy, as long as you concentrate on the airfield, and take out his MCV plus war-factory before his superweapon fires (if he builds one) and then send in force to take out his powerplants, and finally just send in tanks to mop up. i'd like to see you try to beat balanced AI, try with 30% handicap first, and then lower it once you beat it.
  8. wuyanxu

    Woot! C&c3 Arrived Earlier!

    LOL, then Wuyanxu your game is pretty s*** :lol: at least i beat a balanced Brutal AI. and never said fighting Turtle AI is cr*p. i respect other people's actions. btw, thanks maska for the info
  9. wuyanxu

    Woot! C&c3 Arrived Earlier!

    what does handicap thingy do? -30% means 30% less money? i guess you don't know strategy, i hold him off at 2 fronts, used stealth bomber to take out their warfactory and MCV, then built 9 stealth tanks and 20 of those helicopters plus a few shadow teams to take his power off.
  10. wuyanxu

    Woot! C&c3 Arrived Earlier!

    what does the handy-cap thingy do?? i beat brutal balanced GDI playing as Nod, in the well known little-USA demo map, with a handycap for Brutal of 30%
  11. wuyanxu

    Off Topic Spammers

    lol, what IF..... jk is it possible to add a post-count-in-the-last-5-min sort of thing? so it's possible to identify the spammers?
  12. wuyanxu

    Off Topic Spammers

    question: so only GenMac and the other guy with leet name has been flagged as spammer? and because they are banned, how can we tell, when we reply to new user's messages, whether they are spammer and whether we are going to get banned?
  13. wuyanxu

    Hot Fuzz

    i just watched the film, great film, though the cuts are a bit too fast. "you deal with the store, i'll deal with the trolley boy" "i feel like i should say something smart." "you don't have so say anything at all." -taking mikey out of the other action films :lol:
  14. wuyanxu

    My/your Disappointments In C&c3 ?

    lol, i just started Scin's campaign, and the first mission has secondary objective of blowing up Buckingham Palace and Big Ben. i, as a British Citizen, was very excited and gone for those objectives as soon as i had a force :D
  15. wuyanxu

    My/your Disappointments In C&c3 ?

    ...and so it begins. This is the time-honored C&C fan tradition of treating every new game as the worst one of the series while putting the last one (the previous worst one) up on a pedestal. that is so true. i love CnC3 as it is. i don't care what people say about the game. it is super fun to play, and reminds me of the old days. THAT is the way CNC should be and that's the way CnC should be played. i still don't understand what's good about Generals. (may be taking this a bit off topic) but generals isn't (and shouldn't be) considered as a CnC game.