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  1. Hey jonwil ive tried contacting you several times on AIM but you never respond, whats up?
  2. Smartmlp

    Ron Paul '08!

    Id really like you guys to back up your claims. I can fully support his ideas and how they will help America. Its obvious our current policy is not working, and it needs to change. Ron Paul wants to make sure everyone is free to do what the constitution says is a right, and if that includes setting up a church then so be it. The government should not be your nanny.
  3. Smartmlp

    I Can Finally Watch Fox!

    This site is incredibly slow... 11-15KB/sec on my 1MB/sec max connection (Thats a 8mbps for you non-nerds).
  4. Smartmlp

    Company Of Heroes Is Out!

    QFT. That and the fact that if you go into a teamed rank game you get matched with someone random. I really hope that you can 'join' with a friend in a ranked game. I am glad they did this, anytime ranked games can be "custom" there are always clans or pre-planned matches. This is not good, everyone should be equals when a game starts, not knowing who is going to do what.
  5. Smartmlp

    Real Life

    I’m Michael, first year in Computer science (trying to get core stuff out of the way). I drive a 2006 Chevy Cobalt Coupe (I only drive American cars unless there is nothing that compares to one). I love programming; coding, what ever you call it, not to mention all electronic devices (I also know quite a bit about electrical engineering and programming microchips) although my skills are some what limited and I hope to buff them up in college. I am currently unemployed and don’t plan to get a “real” job anytime soon, I do a lot of off work on the internet for random people though.
  6. Smartmlp

    Dynamic Sigs?

    Fixed, it should work again.
  7. Smartmlp

    Spyware Galore

    Slow and laggy, no thanks.
  8. Smartmlp

    Spyware Galore

    Im surprised you made no mention of MS Defender, I suggest you attempt to install it and run a scan. If that fails, run a scan in safemode and/or try to repair it there. Safemode prevents anything from booting with windows startup.
  9. Smartmlp

    Halogen Rip

    I’m pro-Microsoft for the most part, I’m just mad because they didn’t do this sooner. It would have saved you guys so much wasted time. You could consider making a “clone” that is, changing it so it’s not the same but the same, if you catch my drift.
  10. Smartmlp

    Ea Vs Westwood And Cnc3

    I tried cleaning this thread up but there is nothing useful here and I would have just deleted 2/3's of all the posts. Please stay on topic or I will close the thread.
  11. Smartmlp


    If N was that good, I would have waited for it before laying 200 feet of cat5 cable inside my house walls. But I dont think there will ever be a perfect wireless solution.
  12. Smartmlp

    You Can Order Windows Vista!

    I never have these problems, and I go as far to use Windows media player on my TV (I have a windows media center PC that is used as my TV decoder). It is the best software for playing movies and videos that combines looks with speed and features, although recently DivX has decided it necessary to start up their little tray icon and processes when you play a DivX video, and that does lag it, but that is NOT Microsoft or WMP fault. The problem with real player is that it sucks, lags my system down with their stupid tray icons and background processes, QuickTime isn’t much better (although it works great on a mac).
  13. Smartmlp

    You Can Order Windows Vista!

    I see everyone took the time to read my post about the editions.
  14. Smartmlp

    You Can Order Windows Vista!

    You forget that $399 is for the ultimate edition, If you are looking for something that will compare to Windows XP Home get Home Basic ($199), If you are looking for something like Windows XP Pro, then get Home Premium (cost is $239). These prices are actually better then Windows XP per feature. This article is pointing out the Low end and the high end of the versions, there are a lot in between. Windows Vista Ultimate is the Business version and the Home editions mixed together in an unlimited license style feature.
  15. Smartmlp

    Evilviking's Laptop

    A gamming computer costs a lot, a gamming laptop costs a fortune. The worst part is, they are so huge that that you will be searching for a place to put it when you take it around with you. (To be honest, most of my friends with these ultra laptops don’t use them as laptops, they set them up on their desks and leave them there, but on rare occasion they do take them out when they know its not going to block their view LOL). If you have the money, I would get the best you can get now, because laptops are not the best in the upgrade department. Even with a “pci-express” video card, there is no standard for laptops so you will have to go back to the manufacture for any kind of (costly) upgrade.