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    Stupid Question, Stupid Answer

    yea, sure it is, what ive always said, if you hit your self 5 or more times with that hammer, then your an idiot Q: how did you feel the first time you found out you had syphalis?
  2. GDICommand

    New Plane For The Soviets?

    ahderka derka derka
  3. GDICommand


    dude, thats like having a prude girlfiend and saying "i wanna make babies!" ive seen people make threads like this all the time...all your doing is pissing off the team personally, just to piss people off, i wouldnt update for another month after i actually planned to update just for a post like this...but thats just me :lol: edit: how come every time i use a curse word on these forums they always say something about it, and then let me post. i assume its something bad, but im so used to just up and clicking yes, i dont even read it, and just changing the curse word to something else, assuming thats what it wanted. whats it say anyway?
  4. GDICommand

    Your Real Life.

    That's a tough one. I like some anime, but some of it is stupid. Big thing to remeber is that 95% of it comes from Japan. So it's chalk-a-block full of Japanese culture, values, and attitudes. Which if you have no idea about those your going to be a bit lost. Hell I've tried to learn as much as I could about Japanese culture and such and I'm lost sometimes. try living here i hate those little jap bastards
  5. GDICommand


    dude, not to bash or anything, dont get me wrong but your 17, and obviously know nothing about politics, nows the time in your life when maybe you should try and understand it, not just say i like red
  6. GDICommand

    Do You Think The Marines Should Make More Damage ?

    as long as the Marines are invincible, thats all i care about there should be an upgrade for the Marines, cost like 70 dollars, its called protective eyewear, and that makes them invulnerable to ieds....hahaa
  7. GDICommand


    marshal alex you didnt do well in history whie you were in school did you. or if you are still in school communism is a good idea, but never really set forth like it was intended. its a crap ideology, and a crap govn. you have workers in the facortys with deadlines to get, say, this many shoes out, and because they get paid regardless, theyll ship out 500 units with only one left shoe. then you have the rich and the famous, getting more and more rich and famous, cuz the idologies of communism dont apply to them. militarily, they were equally stupid. they lost about half the casualties OF THE ENTIRE WAR, soviet union alone...that should be a key indicator. that and they lost all of those casualties on one front. while the US, the british, and such were fighting in africa, western europe, and asia. hell one or the downfalls of communism, was communism itself. because they got shite, it made them all greedy as fack, like a bunch of crooked cops
  8. GDICommand

    Do You Think The Marines Should Make More Damage ?

    everyone knows that Marines are impervious to bullets
  9. GDICommand


    well...erhm, the allies did win the war...and if you want to get technical, the soviets were the allies too....and the soviets were fighting on one side, the Americans and British were fighting in africa, and Asia, the russians didnt bother with japan too much...60 million people died in wwII, im gonna take a stab in the dark, and say half of that was russian casualties. i will say, that until the start of WWII, there were no armored divisions. we can thank hitler for something. he crushed the french infantry lines because their armor was spread out, and he concentrated his armor into one place, made a hole, and poured his whole force into france. but again, the allies won the war...
  10. GDICommand

    Your Real Life.

    Yeah well, when you get older - it's something you kinda have to do about once a month. i shave before i go out with a female, any female, its just sorta something i do as, lets say as a percaution, a just incase anyway, my name is candy, im a stripper...haha...joking my name is karl miller, im in the United States Marine Corps, the finest organization this planet has seen. im 19, stationed in okinawa japan right now. i leave for iraq on saturday morning. im not going there to fight, just for a vacation...haha. i like almost all kinds of music, except only a little bit of rap, no r&b or hip hop (its crap) and no country. besides that, im kinda open to anything. listening to the guns and roses right now below is a picture of me and my child you can see more about me at myspace, yes, ive been adicted to the phenomenom too They call me...Msgt Miller
  11. GDICommand


    i heart the Marine Corps
  12. GDICommand

    Ww2 Battles

    regardless of what stalins intelligence told him, doesnt mean he used it to his advantage...hell, stalins spys knew that hitler was going to attack him, and hitler openly said he hated all commies, but stalin still made a pact with him, hoping for the best, crossing his fingers...he wasnt a bright guy
  13. GDICommand

    Ww2 Battles

    in the grand picture? operation barbarosa end of story. of course, that is a biiigggg picture. the battle of the bulge was a last attempt for hitler. he didnt have the resources to push the allies out of europe. just a last attempt... stalingrad was important, because hitler could have easily have taken that, had he gone south for the oilfields, it would have eventually fell to attrition. hitler, being as delutional (i dont think i spelled that right) as he was, didnt want to leave the city because he thought it would have a great moral impact on the soviets if he could capture a city with the same name as their leader. he nearly had moscow, i think it was that the germans came within 20 miles of moscow, or was it 5, i dont know, im sure somebody knows, correct me. obviously, operation overlord was an important one. the largest operation in history. and despite the hype about it, the landings were generally a success. only omaha beach didnt do well, because of the fog, the bombings were off, because they didnt want to bomb their own men, so they overshot their targets, and didnt hit anything. several waves came in at the wrong place, and time. the airborne was all over the place, but the men grouped together and accomplished most of the objectives anyway. cobra was important to get the allies out of normandy and their stand still and continue their push towards berlin the failise gap was important because of the 300,000 capture germans it gave us. kharov was a major battle because it duked the russian armor, against the best tanks the germans had, and at the close ranges that the battle was fought, it didnt matter, who had better armor, or better guns, cuz all it took was 1 shot per tank anyway. didnt matter if it was a tiger, or a panzer II. iwo jima was important cuz it gave us an air strip that could reach tokyo and and somewhere to land damaged bomers i could probably go on and on in detail about some of these. dont get me wrong, im no historian myself, i just love reading about this sort of stuff. also, youll have to excuse me, cuz i know more about the european front than anything else. NOW that ive typed that the more important question is how many of these could be made into good missions?
  14. GDICommand

    Update Time!

    so you guys need mapers or what?
  15. GDICommand

    Update Time!

    i submitted my map for review!! lol nice mod so far by the way