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  1. Biohazard

    Return Of The Forum Dragon

    Yeah, I was aiming for planes, but the recruiting command I got transferred to stood to gain nothing from me going... so I didn't go. Obviously it's a longer, more painful story than that, but that's about the gist of it. So, per my contract, I had to go enlisted. They had me set up for a nuke spot, but that ended up not working out. Then I got selected for duty on the USS Constitution out in Boston Harbor, but the paperwork apocalypse that trailed me from the recruiting command killed that too. So, these days, I'm mostly doing this: I'm going to reapply for officer as soon as I can; everybody I've met, chiefs and petty officers alike, have been like "Dude, don't waste your time here, put on khakis as soon as you can, we need officers like you."
  2. Biohazard

    Return Of The Forum Dragon

    Hey folks! Thought I'd check in and see how y'all are doing these days. I'm finishing up Surface Common Core school at Naval Training Command Great Lakes, just north of Chicago right now. It's basically "Navy for Dummies" because of all the shit that went wrong with my recruiting command. I'm going to be attached to Amphibious Seabee Battalion 1 out of Coronado, California, basically San Diego. Transfer is this coming Wednesday. I've got some stories to share, I tell you what :P But, those for another time. And since it's rude to come for a visit without bringing a present... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNHMdXLDlx0
  3. Biohazard

    City Found On Mars

    Awesome. Poor Sydney though!
  4. Biohazard

    Anti Obama Rhetoric Reaches New Lows

    Are you this mind-bogglingly cynical about historians too?
  5. Biohazard

    Anti Obama Rhetoric Reaches New Lows

    "I want the government out of my everything!" Some people in that group are against government, period :P
  6. Biohazard

    Anti Obama Rhetoric Reaches New Lows

    I'm not really sure, Phoib. I know the car industry bailouts were loans, but I don't know about the financial industry. My opinion was to let them burn. The stimulus program, well, only history will be able to judge its success or failure. I'll hope for the best in the meantime. Now, I didn't join in those marches because I'm not terrified of where the government's going right now. Of course, I'm also somewhere on the center-left, have a very secure job, health insurance, and have basically nothing to worry or complain about. I believe Obama is doing the right things, and I believe things will be looking a lot better and still improving in three years when he's up for reelection, if things continue how they've been going. But, with that said, I can still see the points of the middle-ground people who are demonstrating now. I just wish Glenn Beck wasn't their de-facto spokesman.
  7. Biohazard

    Anti Obama Rhetoric Reaches New Lows

    What's sad is that these protests aren't just a bunch of crazies, despite how easy it is to brand them as such thanks to the vociferous minority. From less prejudiced sources that talk to these folks, like CNN which is somewhat left-leaning as it is, the nutjobs are still mostly on the fringe - the majority of these marchers are not worried about birth certificates and death panels, they're concerned about absolutely runaway spending on TARP, the bailouts, the stimulus package, and the fact that all this money is just sort of... vanishing. I can really sympathize with that. Even more interesting, a great number of these people aren't Republicans - or, at least, aren't Republicans any more because they were as disgruntled with W as they are with Obama. Most of these are old-style Republicans in that they're for fiscal responsibility and such, which neither party has any credibility with any more.
  8. Except for the fact that firing blanks and firing real ammo feels nothing alike...
  9. Biohazard

    Anti Obama Rhetoric Reaches New Lows

    Was that video satire? I can't tell.
  10. Biohazard

    Petition To Pardon Turing

    Ditto. Was a real shame about how he was treated.
  11. Biohazard

    Funny Video Thread

    I vote yes on Rattus' link.
  12. Biohazard

    Funny Video Thread

    When he said one letter was missing, I was like "Okay, not really bad so long as he explains it..." then "the one that's missing, is Y" and I just facepalmed. I shouldn't expect anything less from Glenn Beck I suppose. That guy seriously needs to be silenced.
  13. Biohazard

    Funny Video Thread

    ... those are horrifying.
  14. Biohazard

    Funny Video Thread

  15. Biohazard

    Hello! I'm From Kazakhstan!

    I want a pet Miras. Like, seriously. I like this guy.