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    somewhere in south iraq on the border with iran

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    wheres the next Blitzkrieg II update?
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    waiting for the blitzkrieg update that was promised from 2014
    where is it?

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  1. Upcomming 2018 release*
  2. instructions unclear d*** stuck in the patch but seriously how do i fix the patch? kinda feels complicated
  3. Ammar

    Guess Who's Back?

    yes! an update on the status of the mod!
  4. Ammar

    Final Version Released

    use craccd version
  5. Ammar

    Active Player List

    active on forums and moddb (mohmardeathstrike) whats xfire looks like its dead had a funeral and got buried years ago
  6. Ammar

    Blitz2 Multiplayer Guide

    password doesn't work and network doesn't exist
  7. Ammar

    Anyone Still Around?

    the real question is has anyone felt alive since 2012?
  8. Ammar

    Infantry Squads

    and is it done now? also squads should cost the same as the infantry in it (higher cost of building the squad if the production is faster)
  9. Ammar

    Funny Pics Thread 33 1/3

    if a mod doesn't have this in the beginning of the read me file it ain't good
  10. Ammar

    C&c Generals 2 Incoming

    aaaannnnddddd it got canceld
  11. Ammar


    hello yes this is dog
  12. Ammar

    Christmas Haul

    i got nothing no one celebrates Christmas (other than christian minorities)
  13. Ammar

    Who The Hell Are You?

    me when i was 3-5 years old