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  1. weston

    Anyone Still Around?

    And meeeee! I moved to Vancouver, Canada. Working as a modeler and FX artist for film and TV, but have been really wanting to get back into game dev. Kinda been tossing around the idea of starting up my own studio with some friends, but obviously that's something much easier said than done. DS 2.0, anybody?!
  2. weston

    Who The Hell Are You?

    Nice to know someone got a career out of reading those. Even though the guy who wrote them is still a miserable failure who can't get a job in a game company even if he offered to work for free... Head on over to Canada, they can't get enough artists out here!
  3. weston

    Who The Hell Are You?

    Hey everybody! Been a loooooooooooooooong time. So happy to see the site still up, and even the forums still up with familiar names posting. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks to everybody here. I'm a professional 3D artist working on TV shows and film in Vancouver, Canada now because of you guys, and planning on moving into game development shortly. Little 12 year old me stumbled in here something like 13 (!!) years ago wanting to learn how to make tanks in 3D. Not only did you teach me (shoutout to Killa's tutorial for gmax ;)/> ), you let me help on the mods! What a boost of confidence to a kid; to be part of some of the most popular mods at the time. You guys are awesome, and hope life has been as kind to you as at has been to me. Good luck out there, folks!
  4. weston

    Killa's Art Thread

    well thats pretty sexy.
  5. weston


  6. weston

    Star Ruler

    Sins is just so much prettier =/
  7. weston

    Killa's Art Thread

    Super fucking cool.
  8. weston

    Goodwood Festival Of Speed

    Badass. Astons always give me a nice sensation in my pants. Tied with Ferrari for my favorite exotic manufacturer.
  9. weston

    What Are You Guys Up To?

    Fapping, basically.
  10. weston

    Msn Nick Reset At Login

    ...what version of messenger do you have and have you got a link?
  11. weston

    Some Wedding Songs

    Shit, I've only been dating my girl for a few months and you're already turning me back to singularity.
  12. weston

    Well Then

    ....... Is my response.
  13. weston

    Victory Day

  14. weston

    Well Then

    I don't know about you guys, but like a loyal sailor i'll be here till the end. I'M GOIN DOWN WITH THE SHIP.
  15. weston

    How To Flirt A Girl On First Date For Dummies.

    Those are for my eyes alone :P