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  1. trevor

    Thank You Derelict Studios

    blitz is shit, and phoib and smurf are poopmouth bitches. =)
  2. trevor

    So I Got Pulled Over Last Night.

    my carb exploded 2 days ago. that was fun. not really.
  3. trevor

    Favourite Beverage

    Mountain Dew Local Brewery's beer Grey Lady i dont drink much anymore though... mixed? 7 and 7
  4. trevor

    Answer To The Most Important Question Ever

    mario and sonic the olympics looks good too i love having the early Wii chipset. modchips rock. =)
  5. trevor

    Who The Hell Are You?

    what real man drinks smirnoff. seriously.
  6. trevor

    Farewell Pc, Hello Imac

    i have a inspiron 1501 amd turion 64 x2 1.6ghz\ and 2gig ram an ati video card i dont remember or care the mb on it. i think its 256 or something and a nice screen for 750 go referb dells!
  7. trevor

    Trevor's Thread

    advice...hmmm if you drink heavily, and need a reason to stop. dating a girl that doesnt drink and gets anxiety attacks if you get drunk is probably your best bet in stopping. why? well lets see. thats what i did. hahaha. i have had like 5 beers in a month. depressing, but worth it. more advice. Just because her birthday isn't for a few months, and xmas is two more. Get her 2 gifts that you wanted to get her for her birthday, and give them to her early, and for her birthday get her what you wanted to give her for xmas, and for xmas think of something else. With this route you are for sure to get laid year round. its a known fact. more. Just cause she's a girl doesn't mean she wont like it if you buy her an old school nintendo and all the tetris's with it. more. if she says $600 bracelet with a diamond in it. you say: diamonds say i love you baby, you'll get it then for sure. why? simple. makes her smile and say wow i want him to love me so i get diamonds. hahahahaa Advice again The porn star pull out does work, as long as you pull out and she's on the pill. if somehow this doesnt work, and that .1% gets to the eggs, a nice kick center mass to the stomach down the stairs works fine.
  8. trevor

    Who The Hell Are You?

  9. trevor

    Trevor's Thread

    Well there are two of them. indeed
  10. trevor

    Who The Hell Are You?

    yea, i got the black eye my friend got stabbed in the arm with a glass bottle. that guy broke his hand. and are other buddy broke his arm. fun times.
  11. trevor

    Who The Hell Are You?

    drunk at a party on new years 2 nights after we got into a brawl at some party. love going home for the holidays.
  12. trevor

    Trevor's Thread

    ball sack vagina balls pussy yep
  13. trevor

    What Did You Eat Just Now?

    im hungry
  14. trevor

    Trevor's Thread

    great song infact great song. Facts of the day and current events: Girls CAN change you, extremely easy. For instance. I dont get completley bombed anymore and havent in a few weeks. I dont smoke really, maybe one or two a day. So in short, fact of the day...dont be a pussy like me and let a girl change you. HAHAHA\\and Marioe strikers charged is an awesome game.... sporting my Wii with a WIIKEY and using verbatim discs, and usenet/wiitorrents for games. any questions aim my ass. trevordbs.