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  1. Andre27


    Let's stir up some dust here. BOO
  2. Andre27

    Port To Tiberian Sun

    Last time i check i was still listed as part of the mod team so i thought i'd make my position clear.
  3. Andre27

    Port To Tiberian Sun

    Dang. It's been a while since i got a notification from this section. About the conversion, you'll have to ask one of the active mod team. I stopped mod-ding some time ago
  4. Andre27

    Internet Runs Out Of Ip Addresses!

    I'm missing the clue here :blink:
  5. Andre27


    NPO is currently under attack from MK, GOONS, Umbrella and FAN Were you around for the Karma war? Quite a lot has changed on Cybernations
  6. Andre27

    Internet Runs Out Of Ip Addresses!

    Could you live with yourself if this happened? Think of it this way: You can talk that hot environmental babe in between the sheets by saying you saved the environment by NOT looking at Internet porn.
  7. Andre27

    Internet Runs Out Of Ip Addresses!

    Remove all the porn of the web and 90% of the IP addresses should be available again :P
  8. Andre27


    O yeah. Still playing.
  9. Andre27

    Happy New Year Hangover!

    What hangover... bunch of sissies.
  10. Andre27

    Christmas Haul

    We don't do the presents thing during X-mas. Only my mom gets presents, but that's because its her B-day.
  11. Andre27

    Who The Hell Are You?

    Now that's scary..
  12. Andre27

    To Be Deployed, Soon

    Alcohol on a party from a qatari 'secretary of defense'? I was under the impression alcoholic beverages were banned from Muslim countries.
  13. Andre27

    To Be Deployed, Soon

    That can't be good for the tires
  14. Andre27

    More Korea Trouble

    Well North Korea is certainly moving fast towards a change in power. The (probable) new leader will need the full support of the military to keep his position and either he or his father are doing everything to make sure he has it. The big question is how much further the South Korean patience can be stretched. Sinking a naval vessel, shelling an island. NK is faced with many problems and is trying to divert attention from its internal problems, but any more of these "diversions" and NK may find itself in a full scale war.
  15. Andre27

    Volunteers Wanted For Mission To Mars

    Gotcha. Try to understand that slang is sometimes hard to understand if your a native speaker let alone if your not a native speaker.