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  1. FECrtn2

    You Have 9 Parking Spaces

    Aw man, can't you guys just play the game normally? @Flyby, if you want one of the most fuel efficient cars, have a look at the Mitsubishi i. Its a reasonable car and will do 100km using less than 3 litres. :D
  2. FECrtn2

    You Have 9 Parking Spaces

    Interesting topic. Before I get into my list, I'd like to comment on Goose's. I like your list a lot (except for the seaplane :P). The Lynx is one of my favourite helicopters purely based on its speed and its being adapted to many functions. The cars are interesting, the F50 in particular. I understand beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I will say that the F50 is quite possibly one of the ugliest Ferraris ever made. It was way too curvy, and not aggressive enough. And no, the Nimitz is not ugly. Its pure function and domineering design earn it a kind of intrinsic beauty. The same kind a Lancer Evolution or Audi Quattro share. ;) Aircraft: Kamov KA-50 - It's quick, its stealthy and well armed. Perfect in today's multi-disciplinary army. Dassault Rafale - The evergreen Dassault design resulted in a compact yet capable aircraft. Sukhoi Su-37 - Sukhois in my books are the Nissan Silvias of the sky. They like getting chucked about a lot. (And its quick) Vehicles: Lancer Evolution X - I've always been a fan of the Evo. The new X promises to be devastatingly quick. Brabus CLS - A twin turbo V12 engine in a comfortable four-door sedan. Insane individuals form a line here please. Rooikat - For when I get pissed off at someone (like someone doing 50 in the fast lane on a highway). Its also got a 563hp turbocharged V10, so its no slouch; it will get to 120kph. Ships: Luyang II - Well armed and with a number of features not seen on Western craft, it is a more balanced unit. Visby Class - Probably the most stealthy combat capable craft, it also has respectable speed and loadout. It also looks a good deal better than the rest. :D DAC F1 - I've always liked small fast boats since I rode in a twin Yamaha V6 engined speedboat...
  3. FECrtn2

    He 162

    Do you mean there will be a P-80 in versions to come? (sorry if I missed a newspost somewhere)
  4. FECrtn2

    Which Versions Have Ai?

    The most recent public version is on the main site, ver. 2.6+ http://www.derelictstudios.net/blitz2/inde...age=b2downloads I don't know if it has AI. I've been away for too long, but I think it does have AI, albeit a kinda retarded AI IIRC...
  5. FECrtn2

    Firefox 3

    To the guys who got the new Firefox; is it a final or is it a release candidate? And hows the extensions? I heard that early adopters got screwed because Firefox 3 uses a brand new back end so plug ins have to be rewritten from the ground up.
  6. FECrtn2

    Ultra Heavy Tanks

    What is 'the Ratte'?
  7. FECrtn2

    Ultra Heavy Tanks

    America's doctrine was more based on air spremacy. Literally, their entire doctrine is based on total air superiority. And still is. Oops, let me rephrase what I said; America's doctrine as far as tank destroyers were concerned was lightweight, high speed units. America certainly likes to use airpower to gain an advantage over the enemy. And I like that. IMO, airpower is the quickest and possibly most effective way of screwing your enemy. It cant hold ground or clear cities (short of razing it to the ground [read : Dresden firestorm]) but I like the speed and grace with with planes do their job. :)
  8. FECrtn2

    What Did You Eat Just Now?

    Choclate and fruit tea.
  9. FECrtn2

    Ultra Heavy Tanks

    Im wondering, is the Nagant still in service anywhere?
  10. FECrtn2

    Ultra Heavy Tanks

    Logan, Im not sure but the 1911 must have had undergone some major updates since its debut. Things like the Nighthawk Talon .45 demonstrate how much refinement a sidearm can undergo. Nice pics of the PPSH btw. Its almost as if Activision got lazy, and left WWII weapons in the code for the upcoming CoD. :lol: There was a story about the B-52 which appered somewhere. Something along the lines of: when it was first built, no one in the US Strategic Air Comm (before becoming the USAF) envisioned it being used for more than a decade. Not only did it last more than a decade, it outlived the organisation than deployed it.
  11. FECrtn2

    Ultra Heavy Tanks

    ^Too general. Its like saying people are still in milatary service... :P Uhm, how about T-34? I think Chinas still got em ramblin' about.
  12. FECrtn2

    Freelancer! New Server Available!

    Freelancer as in that old Microsoft spacefighter game?
  13. The M-18 Hellcat. During the war in Europe, the American tank destroyer doctrine was speed and surprise. And this, the M-18 was the pinnacle of this fighting style. By a long margin, the fastest AFV in its class, it could be very rapidly deployed anywhere in the theatre. Its devestating 76.2mm gun could break through all but the toughest tanks at the time. But the tradeoff for this speed and power was survivability. With a maximum armor thickness of half an inch and little overhead protection (a canvas sheet was occasionaly used, but was meant for rain), it was a soft target.
  14. FECrtn2

    The Perfect Sandwich!

    Whats wrong? I suppose you could use any cheese, but not those with too much pong. Or those lightweights. The cheese must be thick and slightly salty to be nice. :D
  15. FECrtn2

    The Perfect Sandwich!

    My favourite I came up with when I was bored in the kitchen :lol:: 2 slices of loaf bread. Place a slice of cheese (I use those single slices that come in individual wrappers) over one, then spread a little mayo on it. On the other slice, spread a thin layer of tuna (can of plain tuna in oil), then a little ground pepper over the top to finish it off. Now flip the slice with cheese and mayo onto this. Microwave it. When you see the cheese start to melt and cover the tuna, its done. Or you can wait till it starts popping. Take it out. Leave for a while till the cheese solidifies. Then flip it to let it cool, since the tuna side is usually warmer.