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  1. maskawaih

    Who The Hell Are You?

    so this is where we should put our pic... oh hi people~
  2. maskawaih


    Can't wait. *hyper mode*
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    What Are You Currently Listening To

    Ryashon - Chocolate Rain (Heavy Metal)
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    Say Something Nice

    ..... *speechless and awed*
  5. maskawaih

    Adobe Flash?

    Apple stuffs are more user friendly and noobs friendly too. For starters, see the differences by using a clean install of Windows and a Mac OS X. Open a site that has javascripts or flash stuffs with Internet Explorer and a stupid warning that will slide-in at the top of page which eventually you have to click to allow the content to show for everytime you access the site. With Safari, the annoying thing never pop-in. Before someone yelling about Firefox or other browser shits, try to look on newbie side (or maybe when you're on an internet cafe/office that doesn't allow you to install other things). Windows is also annoying with various pop ups especially Vista that requires UAC to allow things to run. You can disable UAC but you will make your PC vulnerable. I don't really bother XP because that's one shitty OS in term of security. I know someone like MMMMMEEEEEEMan will try to say things like what he said in his post above but once in awhile, we may make silly mistakes. While the installation of software in Mac OS X requires administrator password everytime you wanna install an application. That's the only annoying thing I can see so far. Though the installation only requires such confirmation thing whenever it's related with the installation along with the computer system like iPhone SDK, Apple updates, Adobe Suite and a few others. Simple applications can be simply dragged from compressed files into the Application folder itself without hassle. I once made my Macbook system folder went haywire because I was playing around with old drivers and Terminal (similar to Command Prompt in Windows). Be in mind that I am still a noob for Mac stuff especially to Unix Terminal command thing which I assume Phoib knows about it better. Surprisingly, reinstallation of Mac OS X was easier compared to Windows. Pop in the disc, install the Mac OS X, wait for it to finish and then setup the account. Simple as that and if you're thinking about serial key, each computer for Apple has already have its own serial number assigned as the hardware is genuine and the OS X is just for the hardware. 32bit and 64bit? Service Packs? Critical updates every week? Your laptop doesn't have enough juice to use Vista? Now, such jargons never been known much to Mac OS users. One Mac OS X version for every Apple computers. Programming in Apple Mac is fun too as you can actually use C++ or Java embedded with the codes. Alas, gaming is dead on Mac. P/S: I am not here to defend Apple. I still love Windows as for me being able to play games on it. I just give some views on newbie's perspective. My Macbook comes with Intel C2D 2.0Ghz with 1gb DDR2 as well as Intel's built in graphics. Pretty much, Windows can be install on the Macbook itself. Yet it still able to run Photoshop and Flash plus doing simultaneous tasks on both of them without too much lagging unlike Vista the resource hogger on the same laptop specs.
  6. maskawaih

    They Took Away Halo 3!

    Teen Shot Parents Because They Took Away Halo 3 Source: http://kotaku.com/5110323/teen-shot-parent...ook-away-halo-3 lol wtf?
  7. maskawaih

    Adobe Flash?

    Flash Actionscript 3.0 + PHP = awesome. It can connect to database and you can have many applications such as games or instant messengers that do not really require to be downloaded and installed just to be simply played on computer.
  8. maskawaih

    Blowout Pc

    Well if he is an iPhone developer like me, Mac is cool. But since I am a gamer in the same time, I still rely on my PC for that matter. My Macbook doesn't have the juice to play those games even if I install Windows on it. Yup. It's better to get ATi for gaming stuff if you are tight on budget. I am not siding with any of those two major graphic card makers. But ATI does beat Nvidia in many ways in technology with lower prices except that their cards are prone to have more heat (and more electricity because of higher clock). I know any Nvidia crusader might denying things and stuffs but Nvidia really needs to do something on the next year to bounce back. I don't mind changing back to Nvidia in the next few months if they can produce good quality products at reasonable price. Nvidia 8 series couldn't handle anti aliasing and bloom at the same time. Same goes to 9 series except 9800GTX and above. Plus, 9800GT is just the same as 8800GT but with newer tech and the price isn't that much difference.
  9. maskawaih

    Adobe Flash?

    Fully flash? Lots of things you need to learn though if you wanted your site to be fully flash. Anyway, HTML and CSS are considered easy if you integrate links and such with Flash.
  10. maskawaih

    Vietnam - Glorious Defense Of Freedom Or Bloody Carnage?

    @Icon. Back then, there were hundreds of thousands refugees from Vietnam stranded in Malaysia. After years inside the refugee camps, the Malaysian government kinda ordered them to leave (who would give them provisions inside the camps you think? it wasn't from US government of course) and they weren't interested returning back to Vietnam as you say the current government at the time is vicious. After the communists were nearing the last city of South, a lot of people were still waiting the boats to leave Vietnam but there's no boat for US. There's even US Navy off the coast but they're just wait there and not even any refugee was allowed to come near them or they will be shot. As much as these people hate the North, they're grieving with US actions who left them just like that. Those who were waiting at ports being pounded by artillery bombardments and they have to leave Vietnam no matter what because even if they're surrendered, they will be tried. Any kind of boats including sampans were used to plow through the hostile South China Sea (both natural and human causes). Some of the survivors were going to Malaysia and the government was kindly enough to give them camps. But these people were not contented with the US and always making ruckuses at in front of US Embassy in Kuala Lumpur which also make our local people uneasy with it. If we think again, US had made North people live in misery as anyone who are not with the South are considered enemies or potential enemies. Local villages in Cambodia and Laos were raided just because the US army afraid of them being a proxy of communists or maybe couldn't extinguish which of them are communists. To make things worst, while they were attacked by US army, they received the same treatments from the North Vietnamese Army. This is kinda similar with what the US army faced in Iraq and Afghanistan. They couldn't differentiate who is who for most of the time with the fact that most of US people also confused about Middle Eastern conflicts. As much as you despise Obama, most of the people of the world love him (being an African American to become a President). This is the same situation where people from far off lands don't have a clue who the real Obama is. Just like most of the US people don't even understand much about what's going on here or other places off USA. Some Asians do think that BBC, CNN and CNBC are the same as they're from the West. Even Al-Jazeera now favors US government too. Oh, you're correct about Iran. Even being as Shia, they hated Arabs more than Sunni. Examples can be shown as how they have great relationship with us despite our country has majority of Sunni Muslims. In the future, we might have collaboration with Iranians for military tech.
  11. maskawaih

    Massive Terror Attacks In India

    I find its funny to see the videos of Indian Commandos in action on BBC. Unprofessional. If you guys see clearly, their actions kinda similar to those of Russians hostage rescue incident few years back. Blind firing at the terrorists while didn't care whether it may hit the hostages. But this time nothing about media condemning the way the Indian Commandos did.
  12. maskawaih

    Massive Terror Attacks In India

    A claim by a captured terrorist is that they're attacking from sea. Whoa what a tactic. Captured a fishing trawler, killed all on board except the skipper, rode back to port, killed the skipper and headed for destinations. While most of them are likely from Pakistan, someone alleged that maybe Malaysian was involved due to some addresses linked with the terrorist (Source).
  13. maskawaih

    Massive Terror Attacks In India

    Yeah, they're among the worst out there. I don't deny that. But I just want to point out how they became terrorists. Myanmar's junta is terrorizing its people too but haven't been called as terrorist yet. If that what you mean Phoib. Blck, for such places like there, tribal consequences overpower the religion itself. Sometimes there were disputes between Lebanon and Syria which led to clashes or small war. Shockingly, the reason was because two tribes from either sides were fighting on puny matter. Some of the goats grazing on other tribe's territory. Such small matter leads to a war between two countries where the world sees it as clashes between Sunni and Shia.
  14. maskawaih

    Funny Pics Thread 33 1/3