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  1. im looking for a w3d viewer and a .big editor, any one knwo where i can dl one? btw what happend to the modding forum?
  2. Zero()

    Pacific Front A Mod For Blitz 2

    nice zeke, we all remember my first model, the vulcan on the m113 chassis, boy was that BAD. but the nose looks like it needs shortend a bit and made larger... idk but tahts wat i think
  3. Zero()

    Download Poll

    whats wrong with using usa against cnc sides? give you guys some time to adjust to the changes, also i think it be neat to put aaow units against ea units
  4. Zero()

    Official V2.0 Usa Suggestions Thread

    im talking about like the yuri tank bunkers, you drive a tank into it and it locks it in, be perfect, cause you can use paladins, bradleys, m1a1s etc... depending on player needs
  5. Zero()

    Is It Me?

    it is possible to screw up the blueprints, but it looks fine, why dont u make a hummer and post it.... maybe youl stop complaining about other peoples work
  6. Zero()


    ur download section dont work ;)
  7. Zero()

    Official V2.0 Usa Suggestions Thread

    Kiowa scout helicopter armed with either rocket pods or a .50 cal machine gun and has a really large visibilty range. also instead of the check point coming with a bradley have it where a bradley can be drivin into it
  8. Zero()

    10 Years Of C&c!

    thats freaking awsome, godwin youve got some talent boy, or is it u have to much free time hmmmm.... can you do one of the nod artillery from ts i love that little thing and mobius why dont you show us yours?
  9. Zero()

    T35 Superheavy... Tank?

    very nice, i was wanting to model that myself but looks like i dont have to :)
  10. mechs should enter the vehicle for an instnt repair
  11. Zero()

    Official V2.0 Usa Suggestions Thread

    chinook gunships maybe :) lol, the jolly green upgrade or the pav-low upgrade for the ch-53 would be awsome, add 2 .50 cal to the side doors and a mini gun to the back door for defense would be great. pav-low would have radar jamming equipment and be invisible to radar, but all those electronics are expensive, and the time it takes to install is great to, putting the helicopter out of commision untill the upgrade is complete. it would also have the ability to rearm units and heal infantry. pav-low would be faster and better armored as well. (also a good upgrade for the blackhawk) pav-low is used with special forces units, and should come with one sniper and one sf trooper.
  12. Zero()

    Returning Soon...

    maybe the turret code isnt going as planned, remember this is a bfme game, with no tanks, maybe they stopped working on the mod and started on perfecting the turret code, anyways great pic, and good luck on the coding
  13. Zero()

    Best Fighter In Europe

    rah-66 was discontinued, to bad, but im sure another country will pick it up, but the rah66 was most likely just a cover for the real thing, prolly made in skunkworks, who knows whats going to come from them next
  14. Zero()

    Best Fighter In Europe

    www.flyaceshigh.com great ww2 flight sim, as real as youl find it, the graphics are a little cartoonish, but, the gameplay is great, so real that bullet holes in your plane affect the way it flys, this is now aces high 2, new planes, and more realistic combat than aces high 1. download is free, and you get a free 2 week arena period, then if u dont want to pay you get to fly in 8 person h2h combat for free, great game, and u can use tanks and drop troops on airfields. this will settle any disputes on which plane is greatest....
  15. Zero()

    Can Anyone Help Me?

    *bows and kisses feet* thank you thank you ;)