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    Hope you guess my name<br />But what’s puzzling you<br />Is the nature of my game<br />I stuck around st. petersburg<br />When I saw it was a time for a change<br />Killed the czar and his ministers<br />Anastasia screamed in vain<br />I rode a tank<br />Held a general’s rank<br />When the blitzkrieg raged<br />And the bodies stank<br />Pleased to meet you<br />Hope you guess my name

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  1. Captain Miller

    Anyone Interested In Testing A New Blitz 2?

    Well I'm interested...I don't check here too often but shoot me an email evilzero83@gmail.com
  2. Captain Miller

    General Mac Wuz Here

    I miss you all :-(. - Mac Wuz Here
  3. Captain Miller

    What Are You Guys Up To?

    So seems like the community has gotten a little quite these days. We could try to revive it in some sense and play some good old games together. So what have you guys been playing on PC or even console and list your contact so we can set the game up...
  4. Captain Miller

    Who Did It?

    I have some archive maps on a old hard-drive if anyone needs..I've got stuff dating back to the original zero hour release... If Phoib checks this I remember asking about it before but do you have a original copy of R1 for regular generals. There is a map I've been looking for since the old days. It was a 2v2 or 1v1v1 sorta desert map with a city in the top right if I remember. The same map was in Blitz 1 for Yuri's Revenge if that helps. Thanks! If you guys need the files reach me at my email evilzero83@gmail.com I don't check here often.
  5. Captain Miller

    Fast Guys Hide Your Porn!

    Gotta love my borough of NYC..
  6. Captain Miller

    Contest: Name The Bomb

    Die Bombe aka The Bomb
  7. Captain Miller

    I Like Beer

    Ohh how I miss posting drunk.. But yeah I remember German Juggernaut and Trevor's drunken rampages.. Does anyone know if the old school message boards survived? I think they were at freeboards or someshit.
  8. Captain Miller

    What A Quality Bloke:

    I'm amazed the guy kept his cool but even more amazed the 19 year old only faces a minimum of 3 years away. Won't someone please think about the children!
  9. Captain Miller

    We Are All In The Wrong Business

    Damn I wanna be rich enough to snort blow off of a Tiger named Rajah...
  10. Captain Miller

    Cnc 4

    I don't know about CNC4 yet...It has potential... Too bad Red Alert 3 got canceled a day before release that really broke my heart..
  11. Captain Miller

    One Expensive Packet Of Smokes

    I live in New York City and I quit smoking about a month ago. The price of cigs is about $10.50 a pack. I smoked with them at that price for atleast 5 months. God only knows how much money I spent. If you live near $5 dollar packs then enjoy them while your lungs hold up. I can't afford em anymore. Then again I enjoy smoking a joint better anyway
  12. Captain Miller

    Can't Play Blitzkrieg Ii

    I've got TFD and I havent had any problems. I'd say reinstall the mod and try again if not reinstall generals zero hour.
  13. Captain Miller

    Bug Listing For R3

    I noticed this bug tonight while playing. After my ally quit and I gained control over his airforce I couldn't use some of my own specials. I was the allies and he was the axis and I couldn't use my thunderbolts and early fighters. I believe it happened after I tried to build a stuka out of his airforce. Even after selling his airfield I couldn't use my thunderbolts and select fighters. The second bug I noticed was that my dozer couldn't pick up on the money crates from ally supply. It just kind of pushed it around. I didn't check if any other unit could though so I'll get back to you on this one.
  14. Captain Miller

    Wait, Wait, Wut?

    Come on minesweeper the movie wasn't that bad... http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1770138
  15. Captain Miller

    Challenge: Semi Open Beta Test

    xfire: generalmacarthur