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    Odd Ai

    Yeah, the team doesn't want to use their official site much. :D
  2. AvianKnight

    Avp's Predator Insertion On Ar2?

    Anyone seen the movie, Alien Vs. Predator? Great, right? Seen how the 'chosen' Predators were dropped into Antarctica? Yes, that thin, needle-shaped thing with metal 'brake' flaps which the Predators used to reach the ground, quickly. I think the Seraph Insertion can be made like that, an Airshift flies over target, drops this 'Predator Insertion Projectile' thing, and a Seraph walks out. Not much work, right?
  3. AvianKnight

    Avp's Predator Insertion On Ar2?

    Hey, Accele, yeah the movie may be bad, but I'm talking about the Insertion system they used. A little explanation. They used this really big mothership that probably flew at more than Mach 1, and it dropped three of those projectiles. Those fell straight down, at a very high speed, and the resulting impact even created a small crater. I'm not saying you guys make a Seraph walk out of this thing. RA2 and YR's Parachute is an SHP animation, right? I wonder, if you could only turn that parachute into this needle-like projectile, that's easy, the problem is how to make it so that it will cover the Seraph while falling. I'm not sure if that's possible, though. But if its done, instead of the parachute fading animation let's put this explosion sequence when the Seraph had reached the ground, snow scattering all over him. Then the explosion cloud will fade, and the Seraph is still there while the projectile has gone. BTW, I'm not saying there's something wrong with the current Seraph Insertion System, I just want it to look better.
  4. AvianKnight

    First Impression, Bugs And Errors, Suggestions

    A quick note, on the Genesis voices, I remember reading a PCNC review for AR2 v4 and saying it's very high quality. The static in the background is a nice effect. Second, on the soundtracks, I guess you have some modding skills. Go extract thememd.ini (the original one) and place it on game directory. That should override AR2's thememd.ini file.
  5. AvianKnight

    Vote Allies Revenge 2!

    "Have you played Allies Revenge 2 v5.0? Yes and its awesome! 17 Its downloading. 0 Were can I get it? 9 Which game is it for again? 7 I didn't like it. 1 I hate Allies Revenge! 10 votes: 44"
  6. AvianKnight

    Possible Bugs

    Hey, I don't know if this is the right forum, but I want to report some bugs. 1-While I'm playing, I constantly look at the countdown of superweapons. I noticed, while playing Genesis (me) vs. Nemesis, that one time my enemy's Vinifera Missile countdown went to 0, an internal error occured. 2-My favorite map, Iced Cocktail, is very good, seems to have no bugs. My game never crashed while playing it. While in some maps, like: Hue Twin Canyons the game keeps crashing after a legth of time. -That's all.
  7. AvianKnight

    Vote Allies Revenge 2!

    They don't know what they're doing!! BTW, I admit, before I decided to find some decent mod for YR, I thought AR2 was an ordinary one. (You know, not a TC) Why? Allies' Revnge-Yuri's Revenge, almost the same.
  8. AvianKnight


    Nice voxel, the shape is just cool. But I think the MCV's role is more important than the look; Nemesis' greatest disadvantage in v4 for me is their inability to replace their easily destroyed MCV.