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  1. DrShrinker

    Who Did It?

    Most of those maps actually kinda suck. I just wanted to share something long forgotten. Although the one with all the trains used to be one of my favorites. The one i was looking for which isnt in the game or anywhere on the site looks like this: Too crowded? too many choke points? Anyway, keep it up. The Ai is indeed retarded but when ya make it 2 v 1 v 1 it can be kinda fun. But they do end up piling up tanks in their base for some odd reason and it slows down the game. You should fix up the classic Europe map to work with AI. Rock on gentlemen.
  2. DrShrinker

    Who Did It?

    HEY NEO!!! http://jrliii.mine.nu/cnc/blitzII/Maps/maps.htm old old school. Furthermore, i installed Blitz on my new PC, after a few hours of pain in the ass, i finally got it to run. I love what ya guys did to it. Even single player is fun, i just wish all the maps worked with AI. The path finding still pissed me off. <_< Shrinker
  3. DrShrinker

    Who Did It?

    Thre's some Dr.Shrinker maps on the pack and i know exactly what maps are from this great veteran mapper....duno for Hawk or Mac.....I think Egyptian Passage could be from Freedom but i'm not sure... :unsure: Screen shots? (i have a new PC and cant find my CnC discs) I remember a few of the names, and might have re-vamped a couple of those maps.
  4. Simply amazing, kudos to all you crazy bastards and your dedication.
  5. DrShrinker

    He 162

    Thats pretty awesome Korona.
  6. DrShrinker

    Golly Gosh!

    Agreed with Andre
  7. DrShrinker

    Abrams + Technicals = Love

    Well, at least it looks great.
  8. DrShrinker

    Us Navy Time!

    Neat. Grats, i think. :P
  9. DrShrinker

    New Allied Afvs

    I'm diggin that Bren Carrier. They all look great though.
  10. DrShrinker

    Let's Discuse Limiting Airfields.

    :lol: :lol: Says the guy who learned the hard way. Right on. I never really liked the limits, but they were the only way to keep the game fair. I dig Korona's changes to aircraft.
  11. DrShrinker

    New Allied Buildings

    Pretty fantastic right there. The bunker lovers gunna cream their jeans.
  12. DrShrinker

    New Soviet Buildings

    Was exactly what i was thinking.
  13. DrShrinker

    New Soviet Buildings

    The command center looks.. i dunno.. 'unfinished' I really like the others though. Especially the light factory.
  14. DrShrinker

    New Map Needs A Name

    Why dont you crawl back into your lil off topic hole and die. Neo maps have never been about Texture or Detail. They are about game play, of which he is a master. So take your negativity and shove it up your ass. I swear, you never have anything positive to say, ever. Yer just a souless fukk who takes every oportunity to be an ass because its so easy over the net, so go fukk yourself. Doc
  15. DrShrinker

    American Football

    Go Packers!!!