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  1. pinbag

    Who The Hell Are You?

    :D She is a fox
  2. pinbag

    Blitzkrieg Iii ?

    I really have to reboot this game again !!!
  3. pinbag

    World Of Tank Patches..from Failure To Worse

    So guys add me in your friend list if you play on the european server = 2Tankcohen It would be fun to blitz in world of tank :P
  4. pinbag

    Well Then

    :D So when do we develop the next blitzkrieg the finest hour ? We realy have to blow new life into this forum so that we can denigrate new forum members
  5. pinbag

    Victory Day

    PINBAG??!?! Yes :P
  6. pinbag

    Victory Day

    Nice models !
  7. pinbag

    New Map!

    I realy love the website :) It gives me the urge to reinstall blitzkrieg !!! Are there still allot of people playing online ?
  8. pinbag

    Funny Pics Thread 33 1/3

    lol Raptor
  9. pinbag

    Blitz Mod

    I volunteer myself for beta testing ? :P
  10. pinbag

    Blitz Mod

    Majority :lol: That sounds very dubious !!!
  11. pinbag

    The First Decade

    *Bump* Can i otherwise install the patch manualy ?
  12. pinbag

    Active Player List

    X-fire : pinbag
  13. pinbag


    haha ^^ ill remember to avoid him till i get some experience ^^
  14. pinbag


    Hi guy's, I have a couple of remarks, compliments and questions!!! : P Well It’s been a while I played Blitzkrieg…. But I Finally took the step to download the new version and install it. Applause for myself yeeey ^^ because to install it was a real pain in the *bleep*. (I still have to figure out the patch.) Now, I extremely like the new music sounds with the speeches!!! It adds allot of value in my opinion! The tech three is also very interesting its gives a Historic feeling. Furthermore, I wondered if it could be possible to add the old pincer attack where you could spawn some tanks in the rear of the enemy like in the older versions. I really miss this... And does the Axis still have the groovy v1 attack??? (I haven’t played the axis yet because I first have to patch up) And I really love the CPU ^^ but im looking out to play against some human players in the next weeks.
  15. pinbag

    The First Decade

    Ah *beep* i looked over it <_< Ill try it right away!!! edit: oke sorry my post was wrong = the install is on C:\Program Files (x86)\EA Games\Command & Conquer The First Decade\Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour Ill look further into it. Update: Im currently copying the entire EA games to the regular program files C:\Program Files\EA Games\Command & Conquer The First Decade\Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour => tested update => same error as my previous post ^^
  16. pinbag

    The First Decade

    Oké I need some help. I stil have an issue instelling the BlitzIIPatchR3.0-3.01 patch. => Error-message : Old file does not exist I tried to run it as administrator from the desktop & the following location : C:\Program Files (x86)\EA Games\Command & Conquer The First Decade\Command & Conquer Generals My Operating System is vista 64kb the zero hours is installed with the first decade = latest patch I can play the 3.0 without issiue's
  17. pinbag

    Funny Pics Thread 33 1/3

  18. pinbag

    Your Thoughts About This

    Im in favor that that South Usa is absorbed Into mexico :P
  19. pinbag

    Is This Forum Dead?

    And come back from the grave mhoehahaha :P
  20. pinbag


    Yeah where are still waiting on those maps !!! *lays down the voodo doll*
  21. pinbag

    Is This Forum Dead?

    *Stumbles out of his coffin* This forum will never die !!!
  22. pinbag

    Funny Pics Thread 33 1/3

    Seems the dog is wiping off his ass ^^
  23. pinbag

    Hello! I'm From Kazakhstan!

    :D he sounds allot like Abba Zabba!!!
  24. pinbag

    Failed Promo Stuff

    What are those big cilinders ???