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  1. AbbaZabba

    Blitz Steam Group Chat

    MUHAHHAHA Fuhrer of the Axis Forces :D
  2. AbbaZabba

    Blitz Steam Group Chat

    Hello all! Come to the chat group and let's all catch up. I have been in touch with Korona here and there and I am hoping he can get us playing soon(ish). I sent him a whatsapp just now actually! I've been in touch with Shrinker over the years. Where is my special Neo? I miss my special Neo :) Anyhoo! come join the chat please :)) Abba :))))
  3. AbbaZabba

    Blitzkrieg Iii ?

    Did someone say CnC2?! I be damned!!!!!! Any Blitz plans for CnC2? YES? :domo: :domo: :blink: :blink:
  4. AbbaZabba


  5. AbbaZabba

    Let's Discuse Limiting Airfields.

    u say the GS planes are now more expensive and slower.......but more powerfull yet take along time to relaod..... well.... sounds like they are jsut gonan be sitting ducks? and thus worthless... eh?
  6. AbbaZabba

    Can I Get A Game In Here Sometime...

    I'll play with u. I'll be Finland.... you be Ukraine.
  7. AbbaZabba

    Where Is The Download Link?!

    where is the download link?! :huh: :huh:
  8. AbbaZabba

    Guess These Tanks

    the donkey can be a pz4 just cause i say so and because its a joke and becuase its fun... but whoever would have guesed it right 1st woudl have gotten a lil cookie from the ww2 museum in paris... the original deisgn of this particular tank was a pz4.... but in consultation with doc it got downgraded to pz2 .... and doc got greedy when he read about the prize from the museum.... greedy people dont get cookies... but he will stil get somethign anywys cause i want to get him something
  9. AbbaZabba

    Guess These Tanks

    after along discussion with my fellow generals we decided that tehre are no winners..................... to be honest... doc knew the answer and got greedy. no cookie for u!
  10. AbbaZabba

    Guess These Tanks

    its a pz2 shrinker wins check ur mail!
  11. AbbaZabba

    Guess These Tanks

    the 1st person to guess the name that tank that am riding will get a cool treat from the ww2 museum in paris!! i have been there 2wice already its greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat also at rap if ur silly gay ass was in the desert for 7 days with no shower for 3 -4 days u'd look like a douchebag too
  12. Another "guess that tank" topic... The 1st person to guess the name of this tank correctly will win a surprise gift. edit: ps the gift aint no joke!