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  1. Hello, I am writing to you cause I really need help to find this game I use to play. I have searched and searched online but for some odd reason I can’t find it. During the summer of 2013 I use to play this medieval themed game with the following characteristics: It was a MMO Time never stopped – as in like when you switched off the game it kept on going You started off in a village or something if I remember correctly, and you build up resources through trade or whatever other means You would take over a parish or a country and move on to the province (as in you would scale up over time) You could join alliances The map was very big You could see many icons moving around on the live map all the time – meaning these were other players doing their thing You could zoom out a lot, and as you zoomed out, the area and the color of the area that was under your control would blend in/merge in the province as you zoomed out. What I am trying to say as you zoomed out details became less visible on the map and bigger things became more prominent; like cities or all the other movements on distant areas of the map When something was sent out, like an army or a trading unit, if you clicked on it, the path of the moving unit would be shown, which was usually a straight line And I think it had some sort of an installer if I am not mistaking, but still it wouldn’t take over the computer like a fully loaded game, so like you could still see your computers tool bar on the bottom Then as I was playing and was on Ventrilo (audio chat) with other players, they were saying the game was getting an overhaul and was getting bigger and better. I remember seeing video of this newer version; it was pretty nice, it was medieval era, same kind of concept but better with better graphics and huge map. It had many many players! so everyone was moving over and they great promotional videos and it has already become operational! Now, no matter what I type in my searches, I really can’t find it. IT IS VERY STRANGE. I also remember doing this search a little while ago and finding it again. But now I cant find. I really don’t think the game would just vanish as it had many players and was quite popular. I am emailing with the hopes you might be able to have some idea of what I am talking about and helping me find it L I thank you in advance. Please please get back to me and I will try to remember more details. Yours respectfully, Abbazabba
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    Blitz Steam Group Chat

    MUHAHHAHA Fuhrer of the Axis Forces :D
  3. AbbaZabba

    Blitz Steam Group Chat

    Hello all! Come to the chat group and let's all catch up. I have been in touch with Korona here and there and I am hoping he can get us playing soon(ish). I sent him a whatsapp just now actually! I've been in touch with Shrinker over the years. Where is my special Neo? I miss my special Neo :) Anyhoo! come join the chat please :)) Abba :))))
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    Blitzkrieg Iii ?

    Did someone say CnC2?! I be damned!!!!!! Any Blitz plans for CnC2? YES? :domo: :domo: :blink: :blink:
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    Let's Discuse Limiting Airfields.

    u say the GS planes are now more expensive and slower.......but more powerfull yet take along time to relaod..... well.... sounds like they are jsut gonan be sitting ducks? and thus worthless... eh?
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    Can I Get A Game In Here Sometime...

    I'll play with u. I'll be Finland.... you be Ukraine.
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    Where Is The Download Link?!

    where is the download link?! :huh: :huh:
  9. Another "guess that tank" topic... The 1st person to guess the name of this tank correctly will win a surprise gift. edit: ps the gift aint no joke!
  10. AbbaZabba

    Guess These Tanks

    the donkey can be a pz4 just cause i say so and because its a joke and becuase its fun... but whoever would have guesed it right 1st woudl have gotten a lil cookie from the ww2 museum in paris... the original deisgn of this particular tank was a pz4.... but in consultation with doc it got downgraded to pz2 .... and doc got greedy when he read about the prize from the museum.... greedy people dont get cookies... but he will stil get somethign anywys cause i want to get him something
  11. AbbaZabba

    Guess These Tanks

    after along discussion with my fellow generals we decided that tehre are no winners..................... to be honest... doc knew the answer and got greedy. no cookie for u!
  12. AbbaZabba

    Guess These Tanks

    its a pz2 shrinker wins check ur mail!
  13. AbbaZabba

    Guess These Tanks

    the 1st person to guess the name that tank that am riding will get a cool treat from the ww2 museum in paris!! i have been there 2wice already its greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat also at rap if ur silly gay ass was in the desert for 7 days with no shower for 3 -4 days u'd look like a douchebag too
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    Blitzkrieg Video

    SynchMaster Neo
  15. AbbaZabba

    Blitzkrieg Video

  16. AbbaZabba

    Online Again

    ..... is a 13 year old monster :unsure:
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    The Ww2 Experiment

    Wut? You stop? Never!! I AM the FUHRER ! I AM GERMANY!! I AM PAX GERMANICA!!!! the only way u can stop me from leading the NAZI war machine is to physcially come to toronto and kill me! send me a prvt msg and i will give u my address! dotn want it to get crowded here! SO..... NO --- I AM IN FULL CHARGE OF THE RIECH!!!!! and there is another way too lol this thing needs neos love and touch.... with out it .. it will die a miserable death... with it i shall die too ...this is certain it seems the furhrer has been acting paranoid lately and making fusses out of shit..... so comrade neo is a bit tired of it.... the furhrer must/has changed his ways..... the furhere needs to work on the love and compassion and chillaxing...... and thats what his doin muhahahahahahha Down with Communist SWINE!! LONG LIVE THE FATHER LAND!!! and long live NEO
  18. AbbaZabba

    The Ww2 Experiment

    This Breaking News UNS News: Special Edition Disheartening and distressful times: (make sure to watch teh vid lol) http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=c25_1182955910 Fuhrer Abbas Down Fall: German Officer: Unfortunately sir, we have grave news for you. This morning at 3 am Joseph Neo found a weak spot in you and was able to move against it much faster than we anticipated and damaged the bunker in 0315. Fuhrer Abba: Not a problem … My weak spot will never be found… German Officer: Em…. Well…. We regret to inform you that your Furhrership was banned this morning. You wont be able to lead the Wehrmacht. Fuhrer Abba: Anyone who’s Wehrmacht account is not currently banned leave the room, now. Fuhrer Abba: HOW THE FUCK COULD THIS OF HAPPENED?? WHY WAS I NOT INFORMED SOONER!!!? HOW DARE THEY EXPLOIT MY WEAK POINT!!!!!!! I had over 2000 Blitz victories!!!! I even donate on fucking Pay Pal!!! Even checked up on the older version of blitz!! What the fuck am I going to do now without my Furhrership!?! German Officer: But sir what about getting WOW?? Fuhrer Abba: WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!? German Officer: But sir think of all the different dungeons and monsters!!! Fuhrer Abba: FUCK THE FUCKIGN DUNGEONS!!! ……..IMAGINE THE NEWS! ……… “Furhrer Abba gives up on the WAR decides to play with WOW!!!!!!” That would sound fucking great wouldn’t it! That would go down fucking well with the enemy! ……. I cant believe this shit am hearing!............... I have Blitz ….. but will have no reason or desire to play online anymore whatsoever! ………….. SHIT!!!! I wont even be able maintain interest long enough to download 2.7!!!! I’m left only with my shitty AI! I am truly Fucked NOW! God DAMIIT! I mean how much fun can you have with a fucking retarded AI! I bet WOW would be better than the AI!!! Hell! I’m so desperate for a real WAR Blitz right now! I may be forced to go out and buy a goddamn WOW!! A young secretary of the Reich comforts another with lies: Don’t worry, he’s not that desperate!! Fuhrer Abba: What about my DS account!?! I spent …. Months! Learning how to type on that fucking forum! It’s all over now. I want you to end my Wehrmacht account. Joseph Neo has dealt me a lasting blow …. Now am left with jack shit. There will be no Abbazabba left anymore…..