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  1. IronRaptor

    Never Give Up, Never Surrender.

    No I'm not gonna tell you guys we are working when we aren't I won't reveal everything otherwise there is no surprise in a release. However we hit a all time low. I checked the forums over and over but honestly I can only do so much. I was a mapper and I still am some but multiplayer maps won't finish the mod. We currently have 5 memebers who are active right.......FIVE PEOPLE.......if killakanz comes back....then 6.......i want 10 people or so. I still need coders, mission makers, and especially modelers and 2-D artists......we have icons, labels and all kinds of pictures to make along with models. Multiplayer maps I have covered but I need missions too, right now its not a priority, we have to finish Iraq side before we can make Iraq missions but we need coders and modelers to finish the faction then the mappers to do the missions then while they work on the missions we can get the modelers and coders making North Korea.
  2. IronRaptor

    Never Give Up, Never Surrender.

    Uh lets try to post something that is important. I am taking a programming class too by the way and REAL programmers document thier work and allow someone else to understand the code to adjust or edit it if it is needed. Seriously, I am looking for positive comments and forward progress. Screwing off has come to an end.....we had almost a year of that and its time we crack down and get some work done. When we get a new release we will have fun but we have to get working first before we start goofing off.
  3. Hello all AAOW fans! Yes this is IronRaptor and not Evilviking. There has been a coup and EvilViking has been overthrown. I know you all might be sad at the site of this hostile takeover, I am kidding of course. However Viking has finally decided to stop making everything so hard on him since he has a very aspring career ahead of him in 3D development and is getting swamped with real life so he has decided to name me Project Co-leader. Viking will still be around to help out, put his opinions in and finish this beast and make sure its the AAOW he dreamed of long ago. But as for alot of the actual staff assignments, some news posting and other various things I will be taking over to ease some of this stress. I have big shoes to fill and I won't be able to fill them completely but I hope to make some pretty big foot prints of my own. Now first off, we need staff. Over this past time of inactivity we have lost many staff. Currently DS is way too stressed for people and lacking some altogether. With the release of CnC 3 and Generals ZH becoming older many have moved on. But we are looking for new people. Now I know from reading past posts by many of you that you may of submitted applications and work to EvilViking. As I have said he has been super busy and if he didn't get to you its not that he didn't like it. However I will also be accepting applications. I will run each application through our department leads and Evilviking along with myself to determine authenticity, detail, and workmanship. If you would like to apply please email EvilViking AND myself at EvilViking[AT]gmail.com and IronRaptor87[AT]gmail.com. The [AT] is really @ but we try to avoid spam. Sorry no pictures this time but if we get more people hired in and we get going again the pictures and news will flow. I really need good modelers.....and 2-D artists....could also use coders who are creative but will follow some coding standard such as COMMENTING thier creations clearly and being able to explain thier ideas and processes to others. We need people in all departments but really we need them the most in modelling and 1-2 in coding. Maps too but thats not really a priorty right now. Well get those apps in people. We need support on the front as soon as possible.
  4. IronRaptor

    Aaow 1.1 Worldbuilder

    *DEATHRAYS DAN0* "You do not understand the POWER of the dark side." Alright DAN0 you might be new but thats a question u never ask around here or anywhere...otherwise, someone would prolly castrate you. Jackseno has learned as well, his island trip was well taken and he understood the ways.
  5. IronRaptor

    Any News

    Plenty has happened......we are just in a stage of re-orgranizing.....Viking has a busy life.....so do the rest of us.....expect more updates once college is out.
  6. IronRaptor

    Wow Active....

    Yeahr but what the hell does it mean
  7. IronRaptor

    Wow Active....

    What the hell is V|GO?
  8. IronRaptor


    *Incites prisoner revolt on jackseno*
  9. IronRaptor


    Hell yeah, and viking I have T3 at school, Wireless at school, and before long DSL at home so I can pull my wrath down on you anytime, not only at school anymore. Weston, I wasn't talking about you, I was referring to the general public, but you need to chill out man, take some aerobics or something....karate, well don't do that but maybe goto an AA meeting, cause it sounds like your alittle loco. As for vikings mailman, hes safe...I spared him, but if you want to see him again you will pay me...1 MILLION dollars! Ha ha, ha ha, hahah, ahhahahahahahhaha! As for the wrath of viking, I hope its like the good ol' days where we had to watch what we posted cause no more than a few seconds later you'd be responding with a internet club waiting to be smacked into someones head. Also, on the off note, my dad had his kidney transplant yesterday, hes doing well and recovering....his blood pressure dropped some this morning so they might move him to the ICU to monitor him closer but hopefully thats just trivial stuff. Thanks to all the AAOW staff who gave thier best wishes awhile back, its been a long road before he was able to do the transplant but I'm glad to have your prayers.
  10. IronRaptor

    Official Poll Ideas Thread

    IronRaptor is cooler, and don't hate, you know you all wanna be me. I'm friggin awesome! Actually, I just got turned down by a girl....kinda sucks, oh well theres another in line, and like 5 more behind her....im a playa beyotchs! Wheres the poll I'm gonna vote for IronRaptor, hell I should president....that'd be fun, so much stuff would get done.....the nation would either be perfect or in chaos....who cares its already messed up as is, in some aspects anyway. But leave the military system, they rock...well minus the pentagon. I'd tear that building of corruption down. Get it away from the politicions in the capital and put it somewhere in the middle of the nation. Like Iowa or something, they need a landmark.
  11. IronRaptor


    Watch it now fellas, Viking might get mad, and if Viking gets mad your gonna end up on an island. Viking stays away from me cause my AT4 is loaded at home, that and no one has seen his mailman for months now (staff joke). Viking, you sure have grown soft. I remember you'd lay the smack down on anyone talking smack to others. Maybe I should come back and get the dictatorship back under control. I'd swear you let it degrade to a democracy! :lol:
  12. IronRaptor


    Pedro your playing with fire talking smart to Bio, you may not agree with what he says but i'd show him some respect. Along with other people here, just casue you don't agree with one persons views and information doesn't mean you slam them about it. Its called tolerance, learn it and adapt it, otherwise I guarentee you will get banned to no end here. Not a warning, just some advice. ;)
  13. IronRaptor

    Transport Helicopters

    Personally if the C-5 were added, I'd suggest having a seperate building that allows construction of an Airstrip, not airfield but airstrip. Small control tower with a larger and longer runaway. It'd be 1.5 times the length of the regular american airfield and allow construction of 3 types of planes but only 1 plane for the runaway with a build limit on the building itself. The choices would be a semi-expensive C-130 Herc, a more expensive AC-130, and a wallet emptying C-5 to allow tanks. The Infantry could load up on a C-130 if you plan to drop some troops but if you want some fire support if you are playing defensive role or need some CAS for your advance force buy the AC-130, or if you want to drop some tanks up close in an emergency then get the C-5. As for people saying its impossible to allow certian units only, what about the Chinese Internet Center, you certianly can't garrison rocket troops in there, only Hackers. So use that set of code to allow hummvee and up to load onto the C-5. Also for realism freaks out there saying you can't parachute a tank, go tell someone who honestly cares casue remember this is a semi-realistic, and a tank drop would be pretty tight. It would take some serious coding but it'd be a cool effect. And if anyone trys to give me that "well if your coding it go ahead, otherwise shut up" comments you can shut up right now. Its a suggestion, not a demand.
  14. IronRaptor


    You gotta remember though that if you scale up, it messes with how much you can see on your screen, granted you can adjust the camera to zoom out further but there is a point before black edges appear and it looks quite nasty. Scaling down works fine, it will especially be useful in city fighting, due to the amount of clutter it will hide the enemy infantry. As for out in an open type area its good that you can't see them because if you did, that'd defeat thier purpose of camoflauge. Remember in Generals infantry were cannon fodder for the most part unless loaded into armored units. In AAOW, they will actually be quite useful for sneak attacks, ambushes, and support instead of just fodder for enemy gattling, or machine gun fire.
  15. IronRaptor

    Transport Helicopters

    Thats nice, usafirewarrior, however theres no need to say "I thought of it first". If your gonna post that, maybe you should add alittle more about the idea instead of saying....I WANT CREDIT FOR IT cause thats how your post comes across. As for buildable trains/controllable trains, that might be difficult to do. The only way to set it up is to have it similar to the ferry from the missions. Using waypoints and adjusted command bar settings. It might be do-able but I think its better to have it setup in the map so a train hits some major areas and stops using the station waypoint path name. Cause then you can add as many cars as you want and put vehicles in em'. Its a good idea though, if the maps are big enough and ones computer is pretty top knotch then having huge maps with a actual railway transit system would be very interesting and a viable way to transport units w/o using choppers or under thier own power.