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  1. Paladin327

    Finally - An Update!

    that's nice
  2. Paladin327

    Where To Dl

    http://www.derelictstudios.net/forums/inde...showtopic=13312 just keep that in mind P.S. is it just me, or do a lot of people ask the same questions over and over?
  3. Paladin327

    An Act Of War Mod. How Install

    Im hoping a clean install includes TFD
  4. Paladin327

    Us Marines

    You are true in that respect, but, the Marine has an M-16A2 Rifle, with an M-203 Grenade Launcher
  5. Paladin327

    Us Marines

    U.N. Soldier? eww?
  6. Paladin327

    An Act Of War Mod. How Install

    If you want the link to 1.1, theres, generals.filefront (w/e its called) or you could check the AAOW website, there should be a link around here somewhere
  7. Paladin327

    Will Navy Be Included?

    But, it would be cool to use some of those battleships, maybe modded a bit with an extra turret, kinda like the Iowa class, maybe a cruise missile launcher, since the US. has the last serviceable battleships in the world (West side, heh)
  8. Paladin327

    Aaow With The First Decade

    if i were to remove zh from the TFD launcher, and install a cd version of zh, would that work?
  9. Paladin327

    Finally - An Update!

    Before anyone else says it, the next update will be when it is ready, it could be a week, a month, a year even, noone really knows, not even everyone's favorite All Knowing Viking
  10. Paladin327

    Finally - An Update!

    Will the supply trucks be able to carry soldiers in them, for when after the supply pile is depleted?
  11. Paladin327

    Us Marines

    I just said hold it like the rebel, not shoot like him
  12. Paladin327

    Us Marines

    What happened to them holding their rifle like the GLA Rebel?
  13. Paladin327

    Sorry Aaow

    if nescessary, couldnt he delegate some powers to his second in command, and like, just post some new screenshots to hold us over, or is that a no no in viking land?
  14. Paladin327

    Sorry Aaow

    an update at least, to settle the populus, its been getting dead around here, who knows how many people stopped checkin this forum regularly?
  15. Paladin327

    Still Not Finished?!

    Didn't the last person who started a topic like this get it locked, or hasen't viking seen it yet?
  16. Paladin327

    This Is Weird!

    yes, we may have a mole, we should hire Boba Fett to find out who it is
  17. Paladin327

    This Is Weird!

    i agree, but there is a chance, albeit a small one, that it is mearly a coincedence, but, they probably stole it, so, i say we get an angry mob together with torches and pitchforks, and see if they didn't credit aaow, and if they did, take it as a complement, cos i can say, AAOW's models have to be some of the best in the community, otherwise, let the flamming begin in various mod forums
  18. Paladin327

    Febuary Has Arrived!

    i guess thats what you get for puting your barracks next to a nuclear power plant, eh? Nice work guys
  19. Paladin327

    Febuary Has Arrived!

  20. Paladin327


    0wn3d, and would it be possible to make an RPK-74, modified to chamber the 7.62X51mm AK-47 round, no particular reason, just curious
  21. Paladin327

    Can We Have Another Insiders Look Thing?

    hehe, guess that answers the question, 'Car 54, where are you?' lol
  22. Paladin327

    The Mod

    I am going to say it before you get flamed, when will the mod be released? When its done, that is all that can be said, progress depends on the temas lives, they arent uber-1337 nerds who spend every waking moment at their computers. they have other things that take priority over the mod
  23. Paladin327

    First Update Of 2006!

    say some of your soldiers were captured, will there be any way to launch an attack to rescue the prisioners?
  24. Paladin327

    Do You Agree?

    yes i agree with this. it isnt true war
  25. Paladin327

    Us Marines

    If, and i stress if, the Iraqi army gets steamrolled, and there is an 'Insurgency' maybe they could pick up different guns from fallen soldiers?