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    command and conquer, military, exesivly big military books, blitzkriegII, call to arms,METAL SLUG<br><br> TOP gun
  1. semagae

    Updated Blitz 1 Ai

    does anyone have the file? i think all the attachments have expired[same for the pics in screenthroat]
  2. semagae

    Where Can I Download Blitz1?

    thank you phoib :]
  3. semagae

    Keep Away From 4chan

    rules 1 and 2 and yea, its horrible
  4. semagae

    Where Can I Download Blitz1?

    it just says this "Emiel/Phoib" which if it isnt english, could mean "email phoib" but i dont think so. dont worry, i have it working now
  5. semagae

    Where Can I Download Blitz1?

    but wouldnt they keep the newer[beta] for themselves/ mod makers and i messed with my game, and i have 2.0 working thank you though[i really want a new version though :P ]
  6. semagae

    Where Can I Download Blitz1?

    i've been really wanting to play, and it just stopped working today, i need a download of it and also, from what i've seen of the pics[2006 :P ] it looks like its amazing! so kudos on that i've been playing blitz since one of its earliest public releases, and i hope to stick with it
  7. semagae

    What Are You Currently Listening To

    Alright - Memphis Bleek[Ratatat Remix]
  8. semagae


    thanks alot :D (i recently messed mine up)
  9. semagae

    Guess That Tank! Part2

    is it russian?
  10. semagae


    well, blitzkrieg is the only reason i'm still in this comunity, and i was wondering~ why have you taken v2.0 down from the site?
  11. semagae

    Command And Conquer 3 Has Been Announced

    all i have to say is: F*CK YEAH! :lol: *skips around and yells in happyness*
  12. semagae

    The Update!

    looks amazing :o
  13. semagae

    Bush wanted to bomb Al Jazeera?

    damn straight
  14. semagae

    Ihre Instruktionen

    @ Phoib, i knew it! :P north african campain anyone? (my fave btw)