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  1. Rishon

    More May Updates!

    He needs to be introduced to the whole idea of grammar.
  2. Rishon

    Special Forces

    Erm, No. They are Anti-Terrorist TEAMS. Thank you, good bye.
  3. Rishon

    F/a-22a Raptor

    Sadly, yes. You can't have subordinates in realtime strategy games, that puts all of the logical, decision making burden on you. [/literal]
  4. Rishon

    More May Updates!

    That's exactly what I meant when I said hastily built on my post. Your exactly right, people talk about putting howitzers down and remote-controlled machine guns, but that's not feasible within the time restrictions of the game. So, Sandbag bunkers with vehicles as heavy weapons is the best choice.
  5. Rishon

    More May Updates!

    Well, a 45 degree angle would put the shell to much ahead. The Cannon angle looks fine to me. I mean, I've see a M109A6 fire (at a demonstration) and their cannon angle for around, I think, 1000 yards was a VERY high 90 degree one. About the cannon rate fire, M2A2ODS Bradleys usually file at that rate. I think the way it is is perfect.
  6. Rishon

    Upgrade Ideas

    Well, the Machine guns on tanks are both, too short ranged and too underpowered. The Apache, for instance, has built-in 12.5 resistant armor. As do Blackhawks, HINDs, and Havoc Helocopters. I would put them in (personally), but give all helos an enlarged attack radius. This promotes using Helos for AT duties and also using them realistically at long range.
  7. Rishon

    Upgrade Ideas

    Yeah, me wants TUSK.
  8. Rishon

    Best Gun For The USA Delta Force.

    Ah, I see. Well, that's me Mr. Literal. Sorry.
  9. Rishon

    Best Gun For The USA Delta Force.

    Do you want Spec-ops using obese weapons that have been cancelled by the military because of their weight? I think not. It's not about looks, it's about functionality. In this contest, the OICW loses because of its weight and bulkyness.
  10. Rishon

    More May Updates!

    Very nice, looks like a defence that can be set up in a hurry and will be sturdy enough to hold against enemy attacks. Good Job.
  11. Rishon

    Best Gun For The USA Delta Force.

    I call XM-8, it's lighter than the M-4 comes with a scope standard, and is very easy to take apart and put back together (via locking pins). Not to mention the AR version can be fired accurately one-handed! for info check here: XM-8 Videos
  12. Rishon

    USA Defensive Structures

    Erm, Defensive Structures? Hmmm Try a Sandbag emplacement (thats really all you can set up) with a squad automatic weapon on it. As for all this nonsense about Howitzers and remote controlled machine guns, please note that in 24 hours you are not likely to build and set up an effective and reliable defence with those nor will you be able to find them.
  13. Rishon

    Usa Infantry

    A .50 cal team? Please come back from la-la land. A M-2 or a XM312 would be FAR to heavy to carry and would not be worth losing two rifles. The Squad Idea sounds nice. I suggest this: Gunner: XM8 Automatic Rifleman variant Rifleman: XM8 basic M320 Gunner: XM8 w/ (shock!) and XM320 AT/AA: Predator SRAW as primary and an XM8 But, thats just my two cents
  14. Rishon

    What Are Your Ideas About USA's Airforce

    Well, the F/B-22 is on the pentagon's to-do list. F/A-22 is the the way to go as far as Interceptor aircraft go. If this is ment to be accurate then you should know not to put the F16XL on there.... The F/A-35 (not JSF..) is more of a CAS aircraft. I dunno about Bomber aircraft, in Real Life the Air Force doesn't have enough B-2's for Tactical use. B-1's are WAAAAY to spam-o'-riffic for tactical use. You'd probably want to use the F/A-18 E/F as it is the strike bomber, it's in common enough usage for tactical use, yet packs a nice punch.
  15. Rishon

    First Impression, Bugs And Errors, Suggestions

    And thats how you scare off new blood.