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    Happy 2018

    Double posting!!!!!! Anyways, if there ever comes a time where the plug would be pulled on this website, could we be aware of it in advance? I just found out that another forum that I heavily frequented in the mid 2000s is now a 404. It's pretty disheartening considering the tremendous amount of time and community involved, and the loss of what is really an archive of memories. I would prefer if the same did not befall this forum as well, at least not without advance notice.
  2. JokersAce

    Happy 2018

    Sounds great.What festival? I'm off to a couple myself this summer in the UK. Insert Iphone crying while laughing emoji here
  3. JokersAce

    Who The Hell Are You?

    Yeah actually, that one. (No but seriously, fucking congratulations my friend.)
  4. JokersAce


    I remember you Freedom, you were a fellow noob during my noob days. CTA is dead a long with every other mod except for Blitz. I came here for An Act of War & Halogen so I feel the pain, but I stayed for Blitz 2 as it was the best mod for ZH. No other multiplayer could compare.
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    I was going to make a comment about a lack of Facebook and Twitter social media functions, but somebody already saw to their implementation. Kinda creepy.
  6. JokersAce

    Christmas Haul

    I got money from family members who don't realize that I'm richer than them.
  7. JokersAce

    General Mac Wuz Here

    I remember how awesome it was to know your little secret when it mattered, lmfao. Although, if you miss us so much maybe you shouldn't have went all Mac (as in Apple) on us while we were still having great Blitz games. :P
  8. JokersAce

    Anyone Interested In Testing A New Blitz 2?

    This calls for champagne I say.
  9. JokersAce

    That Strange Feeling...

    I think now would be a good time to say that I was like 11 when I registered here, and pretty much pretended I was older for like fucking years. Funny shit. At least I'm still younger than all of you guys!
  10. JokersAce


    This isn't the only forum I've seen the rise and fall of.... at least at the other place there were chicks!
  11. JokersAce


    I believe it was last time this forum was active. Someone start a political debate. Our SERE 100 course suggests to avoid talking about politics with our captors. Instead we should talk about our family or hobbies, try to find common ground with our captors to build report, which may improve our living conditions, and will help us look like real people in the eyes of our captors. Ah yes, best buddy up with your captors right before they cut your head off and post it on the internet.
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    I believe it was last time this forum was active. Someone start a political debate.
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  14. JokersAce


    So what do we do now?
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  16. JokersAce


    This place is a self fulfilling prophecy. I blame adult responsibilities, and social networking!
  17. JokersAce

    Potentional Meet Up?

    We can potentially meet up my butt with your face.
  18. JokersAce

    What Are You Guys Up To?

    Lies! Let's face it. The right hand never asks you to do the dishes, take out the trash, take it out to a nice dinner, watch crappy boring romance movies with it... Right hand doesn't feel as good though. Raptor, you clearly have no technique to your masturbathons.
  19. JokersAce

    What Are You Guys Up To?

    That and I've also been strung out on a bunch of drugs lulz. On a more prosperous note, I'm trying to fix my POS computer so I can start blitzing again, as I'm one of teh few pplz who actually plays the mods. Oh and I too have been fapping, but thanks to the advent of drunk messaging girls on Facebook for their phone numbers I may actually undergo the process of matching chromosomes with an XX organism.
  20. JokersAce

    Who Did It?

    Are you sure they aren't either Shrink's, Hawk's, or Mac's?
  21. JokersAce

    Who The Hell Are You?

    Embarrassing, but here you are DS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOsnTPyPxOI
  22. JokersAce

    Funny Video Thread

    Well I guess considering the average lifespan in those countries its a necessity to start the breeding process as soon as possible...
  23. JokersAce

    Army Promos!

    ^That's probably the coolest one I've ever seen.
  24. JokersAce

    Steel Battalion

    Nearly forgotten no doubt due to its price...