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  1. Titan

    Blitzkrieg Is Back!

    D-day looks cool. Definately one to watch
  2. Titan

    Blitzkrieg Is Back!

    Appologies for seeming impatient, but "....this is not a fair display of the true extends of the new version, as said; more will follow the coming days - much more. Stay tuned!" on the main page says to me that there are atleast updates coming out soon, i.e. screenshots, but there have been no updates for months. Cant wait for this mod!!!!
  3. Titan

    Blitzkrieg Is Back!

    Any idea how much longer for the release guys? Hows progress with the mod as a matter of fact. Cheers for any news
  4. Titan

    Calm Before The Storm

    Is this going to be Blitz 2 released or Blitz 1, because with this post and some shots from an apparently still worked on Blitz 1 mod here ---> http://www.cannis.net/mooman/ (theres a link on there to the proper blitz 1 page aswell) are we going to be seeing Blitz 1 finally completed :D or Blitz 2 release :D Either way I am looking forward to the release as Blitzkrieg is ace!!!
  5. Titan

    D-day +3

    just a quick question, has anyone actually aquired the a-bomb yet? i have looked in the strategy forum but cant find a topic to help me to aquire this technology. Any tips on how to get it, i would really like to give it a go.
  6. Zero Hour makes the possibility of naval units more realistic, and that will allow japan to be implemented, if they choose to go with them
  7. Gotta agree, as the game progresses to the later stages the AI tends to just send either wave after wave of light tanks or infantry until they are defeated, they dont invest in any medium/heavy tanks later on. This is because cash is getting tight so they are going for the cheapest possible units????
  8. Titan

    Tiger I Day 7!

    This is by far (in my opinion) the best Tiger I skin!!! V nice job. Which is going to be the final skin for the mod???
  9. Blitzkireg I looks amazing, all of the graphical changes you have made are ace!!!! A real improvement from version 2!
  10. Titan

    Chat Log.

    am i rite sayin that 1 shot from the maus will destroy any tank in the game? i think i saw a news post saying that
  11. An expansion has been announced for Generals, is this gonna affect the release at all?
  12. Very nice, i like the radar structure, and you can really tell tanks appart more easily than in blitz 1 Very impressed, cant wait!