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  1. cubeos

    Release 3 Is Uploading!

    Simply- don't believe anything from DS today. Last year they told us that almost every mod was closing because the entire team had been hired for a commercial project :P
  2. cubeos

    Half-life Mods

    If the mod is for source, you insert it here: C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\SourceMods (if you didn't change directory during installation) If the mod is for HL1, you insert it here C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\(name)\half-life The specialists works on steam, ive got it.
  3. cubeos


    How are you meant to read that:P
  4. cubeos


    Has it been hacked? http://killasmods.game-mod.net/page.php?file=tbdleet1
  5. cubeos

    New Mod At Planetcnc.com Is Not From Ds

    1) It is NOT a DS project. The number of times ive seen staff talking about being busy with a project that wasn't DS.. although I can't quote anyone.. 2) Even if it is not a DS project, that doesn't mean that it won't be as good as a DS mod. Don't forget, we've already established that alot of DS members are on the team. I can only conclude its not a DS project but it's going to be excellent.
  6. A2A is good,but you need the ground cannons too!!!!
  7. cubeos

    V0.49 Bug Reporting

    Ive posted it somewhere else, but incase you didnt catch it, if the internet disconnects before the launch of blitz, blitz just doesnt do anything. (offline mode doesnt work, not bad for those who have broadband but for PC Gamer Cd users/poor internet connection users, that would be a real downer)
  8. What makes blitz a real beauty is the lovely skrimishes between 10 ai aircraft and your light AA cannons. Watching them fall is beautiful. Btw the new particle trails rule. Its one of my favourite moments on any games: the air raid sirens, the aircraft falling, the panic, the pc being really tested by a SAGE engine game, its just absolutely top class.
  9. @darkalex Huh? You were considering a team place for him!!!! Why dont you offer him a banned place!
  10. Yay the team agree with me!!! Anyone fancy offering a ban, im not sure calling someone a 'fucker' on this forum is allowed.
  11. Was that constructive critism? Why did you say it then? Do you honestly think i will take you seriously if you resort to calling me a 'fucker'( oh and do you not consider fucker to be nasty). By insane, I mean, how much are you paying for blitz? You are not forced to play blitz, and the team are obviously aware of the problems surrounding AI. So why do you post another useless post about AI complaints. There has already been a rather large post about AI complaints on the forums.. @bio You forgot that playing on the 8 playered map that i forget the name of, with 7 brutal axis AI on a free for all tends to easily trigger the AI off. It makes for some brilliant games
  12. Firstly, and im sure many of the team/forumers will reflect my views, SHUT UP! If you are just going to post useless, nasty, and frankly insane comments like that then go to another forum.Blitz 2 was never meant for AI fights, if you dont like it then go and create your own mod. See if it matches up to the standard that Blitz reaches. That being said.. The problem with playing online is with the generals netcode. There are alot of bugs,mismatches and other such game ruiners. The other problem is that Brits like me have to wait until about 9 o clock until we get a game. That means that a long game is ruined because it finishes at about 12 pm-1 am. It's good to see that the blitz team are fixing it for those of us who find online play annoying. Finally thanks for making the best release of blitz ever! Even without decent AI I think that blitz is the best RTS ever due to its amazing fighting scenes and good realism.
  13. My internet connection is pretty bad, so it sometimes cuts off. When it did, blitz 2 would not start. It would before the patch.
  14. cubeos

    The Storm Breaks!

    I just got my computer fixed: therefore internet access is ready!!!! Wooohohooooo. Ps Add my vote for AI: Not enough europe players
  15. cubeos

    Blitzkrieg Is Back!

    Blitz is coming back yay!!!! I got first post YAY! tmapm edit: There was actually 2 posts before you but due to technical difficulties the topic had to be started over. Cubeos Edit: I had hoped i was the first to hear the good news. Ah well, glad the news is good. Also glad that half of those cryptic clues are solved.