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  1. Froniki

    C&c3 Textures

    I don't think they are house color textures, unless I missed it being listed in its alpha channel somewhere. The texture is just a plain greyscale version of the textures...almost like unexaggerated spec maps. =)
  2. Froniki

    C&c3 Textures

    HC - House Color
  3. Froniki

    Extracting C&c3 Textures

    to get only dds from bin files try this tool http://www.derelictstudios.net/forums/inde...=60#entry299532 it extract all dds files from selected bin
  4. try this Bin Unpacker made by ai_enabled for me yesterday i don't think that it useful cause it's not use relo (Relocation file) and imp (Imports File) files USE: CnC3_BIN_Unpacker.exe xxxx.bin needs manifest file PS: extracting by Virtual Filenames and Groups PSS: it need no RefPack bin files CnC3_BIN_Unpacker.zip_
  5. update for manifest item info struct ManifestItemHeader { int filenamehash1; int filenamehash2; int filenamehash3; int filenamehash4; int extraentryoffset; int extraentrycount; int streamnameoffset; int sourcenameoffset; int streamsize; int reloentrysize; int impentrysize; }; extraentrysize = extraentrycount*8
  6. based on kmx info about manifest .manifest files: 00010500 [TAG#1] C3CC2037 [TIMESTAMP] CFBC4AF5 [TAG#2] 6C260000 [VIRTUAL FILE COUNT] 641E1000 [BIN SIZE] 6C0D0000 [RELO SIZE] E0000000 unk 78060000 unk B03D0100 [STRING INDEX SIZE] 00000000 [INCLUDE MANIFESTS LIST SIZE (strs like: static.manifest)] 02710400 [VIRTUAL FILENAMES LIST SIZE (strs like: AudioEvent:GDI_IonCannon_Laser1)] 72010000 [REAL FILENAMES LIST SIZE (stra like: DATA:sounds/ambientstream.xml...etc)] ...filerecord SIZE = FILE_COUNT * 0x2C 93964A56 155B622F E3CB9F99 2FD82410 [FILE HASH, also part of the [CONTAINER_NAME]\cdata\XXXXXXXX.XXXXXXXX.XXXXXXXX.XXXXXXXX.cdata 00000000 00000000 00000000 [VIRTUAL FILE ID][OFFSET from begining of VIRTUAL FILENAMES LIST] 00000000 [REAL FILE ID][OFFSET from begining of REAL FILENAMES LIST] 28000000 [FILESIZE in BIN file] 10000000 00000000 ...STRING INDEX 2 dwords per item ...VIRTUAL FILENAMES LIST null terminated strings ...REAL FILENAMES LIST null terminated strings
  7. Froniki

    My Work On C&c3 So Far

    New version of CnC3_BIN_DDS_Extractor Use CnC3_BIN_DDS_Extractor.exe static_demo_common.bin but now it need manifest file to get filenames for dds CnC3_BIN_DDS_Extractor.zip_
  8. Froniki

    My Work On C&c3 So Far

    on my uncompressed bin (no RefPack) it have found all of the dds CnC3_BIN_DDS_Extractor.exe static_demo_common.bin -> 1083 files townod_1_demo.bin -> 3 files X-Ripper static_demo_common.bin -> 1079 files townod_1_demo.bin -> 0 files Jaeder Naub V2.0.2a static_demo_common.bin -> 1083 files townod_1_demo.bin -> 3 files
  9. Froniki

    My Work On C&c3 So Far

    We have made dds extractor from bin Use: CnC3_BIN_DDS_Extractor.exe static_demo_common.bin CnC3_BIN_DDS_Extractor.exe townod_1_demo.bin CnC3_BIN_DDS_Extractor.zip_
  10. Froniki

    My Work On C&c3 So Far

    Our programmer at RedSystem forums (www.redsys.ru) has already written such a tool yesterday, it is called "Final Kane". This two are almost identical. (He use C++) Latest version here
  11. global_demo_common.manifest 4D086B164BBBDB98770F4146741EAFAD -> AudioFile:ABLight_weapFirea -> 166b084d.46410f77.98dbbb4b.adaf1e74.cdata 4D086B16 -> 166b084d 4BBBDB98 -> 98dbbb4b 770F4146 -> 46410f77 741EAFAD -> adaf1e74 all files 166b084d.46410f77.xxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxx.cdata in manifest looks like this 4D086B16xxxxxxxx770F4146xxxxxxxx -> AudioFile: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  12. about Data\static_demo_common\cdata found this in static_demo_common.manifest
  13. Froniki

    My Work On C&c3 So Far

    4D086B16 4BBBDB98 770F4146 741EAFAD 0 0 4565 147 72 8 0 AudioFile:ABLight_weapFirea 166b084d.46410f77.98dbbb4b.adaf1e74.cdata Looks like all cdata (5755 files) from "global_demo_common/cdata" folder is Audiofiles =/
  14. Froniki

    Language Pack 1 Released!

    hehe =) I know that there is no Russian translate I one of those modmakers who could create translation cnc generals on Russian lang :) It is interesting to me as the russian version of mod if there was official a translation on russian should work :D
  15. Froniki

    Language Pack 1 Released!

    hmm russian lang... Smurf can u tell me how to install it on english ver? cause i do not see any russian ver of cnc generals zh :blink: