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  1. Vinifera7

    What's Ar2's New Site?

    Phoib informs me that he will host AR2 at Derelict Studios if we want. If anyone has the desire to whip up a page (doesn't have to be anything fancy) just so people can download the mod, that would be great.
  2. Vinifera7

    What's Ar2's New Site?

    Sorry for the delayed response, but I almost never visit these forums now. Since the mod is no longer being worked on, no one wants to pay for hosting. So there is no new website. If a download mirror does indeed exist, someone should post it here.
  3. Vinifera7

    What Is Ar2?

    ATOMIC BUMP! Hi Curator! Long time no see.
  4. Vinifera7

    Adobe Flash?

    Same here. Would you rather convey a message or throw on meaningless fluff?
  5. Vinifera7

    Lesbian Man Files Lawsuit Over Who Is 'lesbian'.

    To be honest, I don't give a shit if it is considered offensive or not. I refuse to call someone an "African American". Which is worse: a mostly inaccurate term for one's citizenship, or an approximated term for one's skin color? I don't know of any blacks that prefer to be called "African Americans".
  6. Vinifera7

    Funny Video Thread

    Burnt Face Man Congress Debates Merits Of New Catchphrase
  7. Vinifera7

    What Is Ar2?

    Maybe you did. I can't be bothered to read your whole post. -_- However... This is not 100% correct.. The illegal Nemoran army and separatists were annexed by the Genesis Army before the First Invasion. Genesis was formed when the leaders of the Genesis Army came into power after the Atrigan Council was dissolved. Those leaders were originally from both parties (Nemora and Dhezor). However, it is true that the exiled were primarily Nemoran, due to cultural differences. They were considered lower class, and therefore not given equal protection after the First Invasion.
  8. Vinifera7

    What Is Ar2?

    Yes, but Nemesis and Genesis are completely separate entities. They aren't just Dhezor and Nemora with new names. Which is why we changed the name of the mod from Allies Revenge 2 (which is totally meaningless) to just "AR2" (also completely meaningless, but at least people don't attempt to associate meaning to the words).
  9. Vinifera7

    If You Like Nine Inch Nails

    Sweet! I'm downloading now...
  10. Vinifera7

    Seal Rapes Penguin

  11. Vinifera7

    So Is This Mod Still Being Updated?

    To be frank, what little work in the community I've been doing recently has been mostly toward ModEnc.
  12. Vinifera7

    What Is Ar2?

    Thanks for filling in Icon. I rarely visit DS these days.
  13. Vinifera7

    So Is This Mod Still Being Updated?

    I actually never figured that out myself. I speculate that it might have something to do with the hover controls.
  14. Vinifera7

    Favourite Beverage

    Diet Pepsi Max Monster Energy Drink (orange can, Kaos, or however they spell it) Coffee Irish Breakfast Tea I like my caffeine as you can see.. Alcoholic: Tanqueray (on the rocks with or without tonic) Jaggermeister (ice cold straight) Labatt Blue (regular or light) Samuel Adams (various types)
  15. Vinifera7

    Answer To The Most Important Question Ever

    The obvious answer is Sonic, but I like the old Mario games just as much.