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  1. Kaiser_Smeghead

    The End Of Command And Conquer?

    If you look at the big battleship/carrier in the sky, you can see an American flag on the side. Either they are adding in national sub factions for the 2 global powers (like RA2) or the units will be from specific nations, all fighting together. (korean tank forces, US air forces, etc)
  2. Kaiser_Smeghead

    The Arsenal Thread

    Nice SKS. I have heard that it is a pretty good "starter rifle" so to speak. I once saw a store in my hometown selling a few crates full of SKS's, all marked 'made in china' on them. Do you have to post firearms, or can we post things like pellet guns, paintball guns, airsoft, etc?
  3. Kaiser_Smeghead

    North Korea Performs Second Nuclear Test

    So back to the main topic. North Korea to weaponize all plutonium They are now blatantly going to throw everything they have into making nuclear weapons. The world has to stop this mad regime. Enough of this sanctions crap, I say load up some F-22's with some GPS guided bombs and blast the shit out of North Korea's stupid nuclear facilities, then let the South Korean army kick the KPA's asses all the way to Pyongyang. North Korea has to be stopped before they start selling nukes to every idiot dictator and terrorist who is willing to pay some cash for one of the world's most destructive weapons.
  4. Kaiser_Smeghead

    North Korea Performs Second Nuclear Test

    I am curious to hear about how powerful this particular weapon was since the first one ended up as being a bit of a dud as far as nuclear weapons go. I am also curious to see how things will go from here, especially since Obama is in the white house.
  5. Kaiser_Smeghead

    Red Alert 3 Sdk Released

    About damn time. Oh well, better late than never. When are they planning to release the art related stuff? Thats the stuff I am more interested in. :)
  6. Kaiser_Smeghead

    Hearts Of Iron Ii - Struggle For Democracy

    I have been reading your awesome aar from almost the beginning. I am hoping you will eventually prevail. BTW: I am Kaiser_Mobius on the paradox forums. :)
  7. Kaiser_Smeghead

    Afghanistan - Where It's At - Again

    Some satire. I just cant help but be very pissed off after hearing such idiocy being broadcast on national television. The way that man could shit all over the canadian military, especially after all we have done to help win the afghan war just leaves me outraged. Maybe I should not have lost my temper, but I think I have good reason to. The point of satire is to be funny. That wasn't funny. Edit: At least he apologized. I am not sure if thats good enough but at least its a start.
  8. Kaiser_Smeghead

    Afghanistan - Where It's At - Again

    How dare that american piece of shit insult the brave men and women of the canadian armed forces that way. That rotten little asswipe should be given a date with some of the men of the JTF2 unit, and show that little faggot some respect. I have a friend who is going to afghanistan later this year, and I cannot believe that little freak and his band of retards can get away with putting down the soldiers of the Canadian armed forces like that. We have been fighting the Taliban more than many more powerful European countries have, and we have paid the price in equipment and over 100 brave canadian lives for the war effort and to bring that little anus of a country into the real world. If thats the thanks we get, we should just leave NATO, and let all the other worlds nations do the bleeding. Unbelievable. /end rant.
  9. Kaiser_Smeghead

    Why The Welfare State Isn't Good Enough For Some People

    Someone should throw them on a treadmill and dangle a big mac in front of them, then they will lose that weight in no time! Then they can work again, and some of that government money can go to more deserving people.
  10. Kaiser_Smeghead

    Logan's New Hobby

    Nice frogfoots, good job! Can you do a Canadian one too?
  11. Kaiser_Smeghead

    Self Made Full-sized Tanks

    I want that tiger. :ph34r: Those armored cars are nice too. :)
  12. Kaiser_Smeghead

    Nazis In Color

    For some reason when I saw that pic the first words to come to my mind were "pimpin ain't easy." :lol:
  13. Kaiser_Smeghead

    Nazis In Color

    #11 from the bottom. Is that Reinhard Heydrich? And in some of the pics, there is a cruiser in the background. Which ship is that? Its neat looking at those photos and trying to pick out some of the other infamous characters of that time. I could see Hess in a few of them, and General Manstein in a couple as well.
  14. Kaiser_Smeghead

    Nazis In Color

    Those are very good quality photos. They look like they could have been taken in the 70's or something.
  15. Kaiser_Smeghead

    Halflife 2 Movie

    that was really cool, :)