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    u need generales zero hour lateast version
  2. it was never builet cuz...to heavy and expensive
  3. Vladik56

    Best Rifemen

    German rifle infantry..cuz 20 of them can kill waves after waves of conscripts
  4. Vladik56

    Allies,axis Tanks

    listen..somethin' bout' the matilda Mk2 infantry tank this tank was so aromured that the early tanks and at guns of the germans could not blow it..only the flak 18 88mm AA gun could blow it... and why should the team add a tank that moves slowly and use 40mm gun? altough i think that the churchil would be welcome cuz the armor and gun..(but slow speed)
  5. nvm i meant that if kv-4 were built..then german tigers were no match for them.. (sry my english is not so good..)
  6. LOL my mistake two 120 M'm guns and if a tank birgade full of them were sent to berlin...no more berlin lol
  7. if the russians could make a KV-4 super heavy tank(3 turrets of 152mm..i think) the germans would run away with thier king tigers... LOL but 12 IS3 own 30 KV2's cuz KV2 go boom so easy from heavy tanks