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  1. usafirewarrior

    Red Alert 3

    Ok... I don't know how you got a word like weeaboo out of that post but i really don't care.
  2. usafirewarrior

    Red Alert 3

    Many Thanks for the maps . Does anyone have a favorite faction? The allies were always my favorite up until RA3 ...now my favorite faction is the Empire of the Rising sun. I just love Japanese factions art , style and music...They are one of my most favorite factions ever made for an RTS. For some reason the allies didn't have the same appeal for me that they had in the previous games. It most be the cartoon look and new game play style.*I hate the bright colors that cover a huge portion of everything* If you look at the drawings and art for RA3 everything looks so awsome *everything from all factions except for the cryocopter*...once everything makes the jump from the realisticly cool looking art to the cartoon look of the game engine the units just lose alot of the appeal they have. I just wish they had given the RA3 game engine a more realistic look. One direction i would have really liked was to use most of the stuff from the prototype unit art...Is it just me or do those units like the aircraft carrier just look so cool? The one with the 4 gun turrets and flight deck that dips down. I really love the allied aircraft with the turbofans, missle pods, and chain gun. The premier edition has some very cool art for the Soviet Centurion Siege Crawler that never got in game.
  3. usafirewarrior

    Red Alert 3

    That reminds of the southpark episode where they see the fourth Indiana Jones movie and freak out about Indiana Jones being raped :lol:*The movie was so bad that they basicly saw rape*
  4. usafirewarrior

    Red Alert 3

    I think after generals they just stopped making games with the cnc feel. Joining EA and losing a good amount of team members is bound to have an effect on your games.
  5. usafirewarrior

    Red Alert 3

    I'm actually enjoying it even with its many issues. I find the game to be alot more entertaining then cnc 3. My biggest problem is the overpowered atack's like the magnetic satellite. Every side gets something and they irritate me to no end.
  6. usafirewarrior

    Red Alert 3

    What the hell ...i got the bonus in the mail and its a kanes wrath preorder bonus map.
  7. usafirewarrior

    American Presidential Elections

    I don't like either of them and i don't belong to either party ...that being said i'm not voting.*Real truth is i don't want the slim chance of being stuck with jury duty :lol: *
  8. usafirewarrior

    Red Alert 3

    I ordered my Premier Edition on Gamestops online site so i could get the free bonus and the map with the Gamestop ingame that i can blow up :lol:
  9. usafirewarrior

    Need Games For A Non Dedicated Gamer

    No that game is just terrible ...it belongs to one of the worst game series ever made. :lol:
  10. usafirewarrior

    Sharia Courts Operating In Uk?

    My real thoughts of the subject are mixed while i think it's great to have your own culture and i don't think it's doing any harm ...but i don't support having more then one court system. But then again it's not affecting anything because it's only used in cases between sharia followers and only if they agree to it. The simplest things can be so complicated and even more so when you really start thinking about it... I honestly came in here thinking that having these courts was all bad ...but now i really don't know what to think. I have a very open mind and that's why i'm in the middle.
  11. usafirewarrior

    Sharia Courts Operating In Uk?

    Well you have to look at it from his perspective ...what if christian courts started popping up in your country? You say ok ...then jewish courts start popping up...and then more and more until every religion and culture has it's own little system. It's bypassing another country's laws and it's violating that country's way of doing things. When i go to another country i don't demand that i be given special treatment based on my religion and no one else for that matter should.
  12. usafirewarrior

    American Presidential Elections

    I thought the snl sketch was great.
  13. usafirewarrior

    Spore Creature Creator!11!1!1

    Well that certainly explains the mob with torch and pitch forks chasing you :lol:
  14. usafirewarrior

    Red Alert 3 To Have Spore Drm

    Problem is that every time you change your hardware or reformat you lose an install.
  15. usafirewarrior

    Red Alert 3 To Have Spore Drm

    http://kotaku.com/5047048/ea-sticking-with...e-easier-on-you And so it begins.