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    An Act Of War Is Back!

    Any updates?? The last one is more than a month ago...
  2. Wraith

    Your Own Nazy Rulership

    1. build more aircraft carriers since they ruled the sea since WW2 2. make the jewish people to fight/work for me rather than being slaughtered 3. do not invade Russia until the Allies are finished 4.Try to ally with America (industries, raw materials etc.) If not, invade them and create a puppet regime 5. take middle east, south east asia, then ally with China 6. Help the Chinese to take out the japs 7. equip the Chinese and American with German advanced (so soldiers get M1 Garand, MP44, Bazookas, Tigers etc.) and train them 8. Russia comepletely being surrounded by the Axis powers (Germany, China, USA) 9. The world will be mine!!
  3. Wraith

    Blitz Idea: Artillery

    Sorry, my fault, havent been on the forum for so long...
  4. Wraith

    Finally - An Update!

    its been almost 3 months after the last update, whats going on? and what happened to the site, not fixed yet?
  5. hey guys, wouldnt it be better if we can build AT guns, field artillery, AA Guns rather than just AA guns being built by engineers? and making them towable to increase their mobility. Also, for the paradrop, you can drop 2-3 light AT guns would be great BTW, think about getting the mortar teams for the infantry...
  6. Wraith

    New Infantry/infantry Only Maps

    Black Hawk Down mission.... o....and for IF only maps, should be in urban areas. So thats more fun
  7. Wraith


    I think the infantry bunkers are a bit too weak and BTW where are the black hawks??