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    Watching EA slowly die out<br>CnC games<br>Halo<br>Coding<br>Modding<br>Sleeping<br>And Girls
  1. Black Knight


    Awesome. I can't wait to try out the V3.
  2. Black Knight

    Any Of You Having This Problem?

    Eh, no problems here.
  3. Black Knight

    Avatar And Signature Game

    Avatar: You paint skills own stumpster. Signature: You suck at racing! :P
  4. Black Knight

    Car Runs On Water

    Ack, I thought this topic was about a car driving on water.
  5. Black Knight

    Bad Movies

    The Ring, not sure about the second one, never saw it after the first one.
  6. Black Knight

    Starwars: Empire At War

    Maybe you all think it sucks because you absolutely fail at it?
  7. Black Knight

    Lion Of Cncden Involved In Serious Accident

    Such a sad time for the CnC Community. I never got to know Lion, but he was an all around cool guy, I loved reading his Blurbs on CnCden. I'm just glad to hear he's alright. Oh, and Lars: Maybe if you actually got hit by that garbage truck and lived, you would see Lion's side, he isn't trying to draw any sort of attention to himself, just sharing life stories, whether good or bad. It sickens me when you say that Lion is just begging for pity, Lion is very well respected and has received gifts from many CnC Staff throughout the years. If I got in a crash and almost died, I'd share the experience with my friends, same with Lion, the whole damn community is his friend.
  8. Black Knight

    Eaw Xpack Announced!

    I'm pretty sure that's what he means, as you can see clearly, the Eclipse is under Empire control. Oh, and I don't know why many people don't like the ground combat. I find it fun. So.... Petroglyph = 2/2
  9. Black Knight


    OH! Sorry Opals, wasn't it 2.6 on your SATs?
  10. Black Knight


    You spelled "SAT" wrong Opals. :P
  11. Black Knight

    I Kicked The Habit (wow).

    Wow. ( :P ) WoW must be or expensive then my Airsoft habits er...Hobby.
  12. Black Knight

    Advanced Placement Exams

    The "APE" tests. They must be a big pain. :P
  13. Black Knight

    Yet Another 9-11 Thread

    Blck ftw!
  14. Black Knight

    Funny Pics Thread

    Kv_2, I really think you fail. But the comic is funny. That's so funny. I remember seeing that on the Shockwave forums. So much laughs.
  15. Black Knight

    Women Of Your Dreams

    Blck, your a fucking genius when it comes to jokes. Anyway, I don't like most celebrities, but some happen to be pretty damn fine.