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  1. Phillsteen

    What Do You Think?

    I hate to say I told you so but Operation restore justice will be released within two weeks. http://www.planetcnc.com/rjmod/
  2. Phillsteen

    May Showers Of Upates #3

    Superior work as usual gentelmen. Airfield and patriot look incredible. A 1.5 update would make my year. Keep up the good work and I hope you guys can find a replacement for pestilence and keep the progress going.
  3. Phillsteen

    Stealth Fighter

    If the F-18 is used for this role i would like to see Joint Stand Off Weapons upgradable. They have exremely long ranges. Im pretty sure it would be too much of a pain in the ass to code cause the missle releases submunitions and there already is a suprresision bombing generals power. Maybe HARM missles that lock on to AA defense signals giving them loger ranges against AA targets. Again sounds like it would not be fun to code for. Thats why I say stick to the stealth with two GBU 27's. The range for the F-117 should be just outside the detection range of AA sensors and the bombs should be free fall not missles. http://www.fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/smart/agm-154.htm http://www.fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/smart/gbu-27.htm http://www.fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/smart/agm-88.htm
  4. Phillsteen

    Stealth Fighter

    F117 with two big ass 2000 lb bombs.
  5. Phillsteen

    What Do You Think?

    I think Operation Restore Justice might be the suprise finisher, for the next release at least, but they really suck about letting the fans know whats going on or showing thier work. They are 81% finished im not sure if AAOW's progress has been quantified so it isn't all that easy to compare. I havent seen any infantry or buildings done for Cold War Crisis and Vietnam reborn still has pretty much all of one side still left to do from what I understand. Im foaming at the mouth for True War 2 and AAOW though but I think TW2 will come in last. Anywho thats what I think.
  6. Phillsteen

    What Units Would You Like To See The Most

    please tell me the cops have at least one police OH6 to fly the swat guys around. Without the miniguns ofcourse. http://www.helispot.com/photos/00993.html
  7. Phillsteen

    Iraqi Aa

    Why do you say that JDZ?
  8. Phillsteen

    Iraqi Aa

    "A group of Apache Longbows, the Army's most advanced anti-tank helicopter, was sent to attack the Medina division of the Republican Guard, but was turned back by intense ground fire after causing minimal casualties on the enemy. Of the 30 aircraft that departed Objective RAMS for the mission, 29 returned with small- arms and some antiaircraft artillery damage. One aircraft force-landed due to ground fire and was subsequently destroyed to prevent compromise." "The 6-6 CAV reached its objective but had to abort before engaging any ground targets due to the heavy fires. The 1-227 AHB made it to its objective and engaged some targets but eventually had to break off " Believe it or not a whole mess of people with small arms can disrupt even the most advanced attack helicopter.
  9. Phillsteen

    Iraqi Aa

    Most missles fired at planes during the 48 day aircampaign in GWI were fired ballistically, ie. no tracking. They basically filled the sky with metal anyway they could and hoped it would knock something down. The same tactic was used in the Balkans to take out one of our F-117s. Im pretty sure no one uses flak cannons anymore and Iraq probably never has. It wouldnt' do much against planes but it would put a hurt on helicopters if used right. A bunch of villagers with AK's turned back 16 AH64s in 03' so you never know. The Iraq of AAOW is much more high tech though so I don't think flak would fit thier profile. Would look sweet though thats about all its got goin for it. I am assuming Iraq will have an incredible air defense array to combat the US air capability. Will there be a US counter to this like a way to shut down the power grid for the Iraq defenses? Either with spec ops ability or generals promotion. In GW2 we used a special purpose tomahawk missle to fly around the city dropping micro filaments that landed on powerlines and shorted them out. This cut the power without distroying the infrastructure. Would be sweet. "Fixed fortifications are monuments to the stupidity of man." -Gen. George S. Patton
  10. Phillsteen

    Iraqi Aa

    Im impressed with what you have for their AA already. The AA fortification upgrade is close to what their stragtagy was in the second and first gulf wars. They would literally have some guy listening for helicopters and when he heard one coming he would flick the power grid on and off to signal whole city to come outside and fire thier AK-47's in the air randomly. One of our apache assaults had to turn back after taking so many hits from such a defense. I mainly wanted the flak cuase it looks sweet, nobody really uses it anymore. The mission was the Oil field mission where you take the airfield with paratroopers in the beginning. AF05 Check out the blackhawk demo video they released it shows what the missles look like for tunguska at least.
  11. Phillsteen

    Iraqi Aa

    Is it possible to code for flak cannons? These would be a nice new twist on AA. Possibly buildable in the Forified Nest? Im assuming the flak that appeared on USA level 4 of Zero hour was purely cineamatic.
  12. Phillsteen

    USA Defensive Structures

    Maybe the garrisoned bradles in the current configuration could have the coaxial machine gun added since the tow launcher was disabled. Just a thought.
  13. Phillsteen

    What Units Would You Like To See The Most

    You are mistaken. Para-rescue and Combat Controllers were lost in Afghanistan and so were Navy S.E.A.L's, Green Berets, Marines, and so on. To say none were killed is to dishonor thier memory. They have perished and should be remebered for thier sacrifice. These two PJs were supporting combat operations against an Osama Bin Laudin cell in the southern Philippines that call themselves Abu Sayaf. They were killed in the crash of an MH-47 on February 21, 2002 Master Sgt. William L. McDaniel II, 29, Greenville, OH Staff Sgt. Juan M. Ridout, 36, Maple Tree, WA John Chapman and Jason Cunningham were killed on March 4, 2002 during a major battle against Taliban forces that might have involved Osama Bin Laudin himself. John was a CCT and Jason was a PJ. Both were involved in a rescue mission for a Navy SEAL who was surrounded by enemy forces. In the course of the battle both men saved many lives and lost their own. Both men were posthumously awarded the Air Force Cross for heroism. Tech. Sgt. John A. Chapman, 36, Windsor Locks, CT Senior Airman Jason D. Cunningham, 26, Camarillo, CA The five men and one woman below were an HH-60 air rescue crew downed during a medevac mission to save two Afghani children on March 23, 2003. Their callsign was "Komodo 11" 1st Lt. Tamara Archuleta, 23, Los Lunas, NM Staff Sgt. Jason Hicks, 25, Jefferson, SC Master Sgt. Michael Maltz, 42, St. Petersburg, FL Senior Airman Jason Plite, 21, Lansing, MI Lt. Col. John Stein, 39, Bardolph, IL Staff Sgt. John Teal, 29, Dallas, TX Have I made my point? I suggest you go to the DoD website and spend some time reading the casualty list so you get some perspective on what you are trying to say here. AAOW is a game, lets not forget the consequences of the real thing. Many soldiers have died in the War on Terror and many more will. Dont you dare belittle a single one. http://beqiraj.com/usa/fallen_warriors/index.asp
  14. Phillsteen

    Piots After Downed Aircraft?

    S.O.A.R. pilots carry MP5's on thier missions not sure about jet fighters but I would assume they at least carry a sidearm. I wouldnt use my pilots to do any attacking in a game though at best I'd want to garrison them when thier shot down. Maybe an upgrade at the airfield could be S.E.R.E training that gives the pilots stealth ability when purchased so they at least have more of a chance. Any pilot that stands and fights will get killed so giving them weapons won't be all that effective.
  15. Phillsteen

    A Hypothetical Question For Everyone Here

    This thread should probably be moved to the off topic section. However since the question has been posed Ill respond here. All but the first hypothetical are somewhat or have been taking place for some time now. Inda and Pakistan are threatening each other with nuclear weapons, China is taking an aggressive stance and refurbishing its military with a likely intention of invading Taiwan, we took care of the first Taliban, we can take care of the second and the DMZ in Korea is one of the most tense areas in the world today. There are two north korean soldiers for every one south korean soldier litterally staring at each other across the DMZ every day from one coast to the other. The forces stated in the question who would be responding to all of this were only european and austrailian if Im not mistaken. I have very limited kowledge of their capabilities and procedures so I wll give a US example as that is what I am familiar with and I assume NATO is no different. The US has an operational plan on the shelf for any contingency you can think of. When a problem arises we take the plan off the shelf, revise it a little and put it in action. In world war two we had a plan to invade england, not that we ever would but the plans were drawn up because you never know. So the plans are already out there is my best guess.