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    Range Ring?

    does anybody know what specifically controls the white range ring on base defenses? im trying to work with the disruption tower ring, and i cant find it.
  2. Red Leader

    Range Ring?

    found it, its controlled by the FS_DEFENSIVE_STRUCTURE kindof. its quite clever little kindof. new question, does the Replaceself update work on water? ive been trying to get to work and so far no go, but it will work on land.
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  4. Red Leader

    So, What Car Do You Want To Own?

    HAHA, thats really old school! But i like the newer version myself :)
  5. Red Leader

    What Do You Drive?

    A 2004 Toyota 4Runner..... Shes my baby :0
  6. Red Leader


    the cops just recovered it..... they tracked them down.... LOL
  7. Red Leader

    Apple != Win

    i run a computer repair business, and the interface for Mac, is just so difficult to repair vs. windows. Also, bc, there not widely used, it is not as well documented when something goes wrong on a mac = more headache!
  8. Red Leader

    Chicken Question

    because each room is not 9 dollars but 8.333 dollars :)
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    Hey guys, i had a general question. When i convert my render of my cruiser with particles that is a total of 26 slides in length, its way to fast. how can i slow down the animation? im using 3ds max. basically, im asking how to set general animation settings.
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    thats true....but the problem im having is that the actually video is way to fast. Because the particle is computer generated, it is like going REALLY fast.
  11. i added them to the default directory... and no joy. I dont see any changes to the game.
  12. Red Leader

    Casino Royale

    *SPOILER WARNING***** lol, beginning scene was so intense, jumping around the construction site. And it was so reminiscent of the first golden eye scene when he ran through the embassy getting shot at, and when he escaped and blew the propane tanks up.
  13. Red Leader

    Select The Best Rx

    god dam "HIPPIES"...i mean....er.....SPAMBOTS!
  14. Red Leader

    Windows Not Starting

    have you had any BSOD, crashes etc? See i hate zone alarm, because they have a habit ofa causing problems like this.....you might need to unistall it, in safe mode and see if it allows you to boot up...
  15. Red Leader

    Thailand Overthrown

    Krits from Thailand. Hope Hes Safe!
  16. Red Leader

    Random Restarts In Games

    its only a test for right now, if it fails then put it back on!
  17. Red Leader

    Random Restarts In Games

    the machine will BSOD always when that option is unchecked. If it reaches a point where the computer detects it will cause damage to itself, it will the Shutdown, AND/OR Restart. By having that option unchecked, you do not risk anything. Microsoft built it so that the average person was not intimidated by the BSOD. @Tycoon: I run my own company with a group of friends called MSD Technology's. Basically i do the computer repairs, and i do everything from simple virus problems all the way to building computers and shit. Its alot of fun, and over 6 months, i have gotten ALOT of buisness. When you get to a blue screen, each will corrspond to something failing in a system. For instance DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, means diffrent things depending on what it referance's under the main error. If it referance's a video card, it could mean the card is bad, or you do not have proper shader support, whereas on a wifi card, it could mean the driver is corrupted (Which happend to me) or the card is not configured properly. @wyanxu -2800+ Sempron -1024mb DDR400 RAM -X800GTO 128MB AGP (overclocked from 400/700 to 480/740, was 500/750 when playing FEAR) -30gig HDD + 250gig 7200rpm 16mb cache See the thing with overclocking is it can cause the system to do weird stuff. You might want to run fear without it overclocked and see what happens.
  18. Red Leader

    Random Restarts In Games

    i understand that you never see it but its happening. Thats why you need to uncheck that option, so you do! Trust me on this. I do this for my living!
  19. Red Leader

    Random Restarts In Games

    lol wow, amount of posts.... the reason why your computer is restarting is because windows is encountered an error. THe system protects itself by peforming a memory dump. Otherwise known as the Blue Screen of Death. this screen is poping up, but because of an option set, it will automatically restart the computer. Im going to walk you through how to turn that option off, and then you need you need to go play fear for 3 hours till it crashes :P Ok first, go to the Start Menu> Control Panel Then Click on System Click on the Advanced tab in System. Click Details under Setup and Recovery. Uncheck Automatically Restart. (WARNING- DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING ELSE IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING) Hit ok. Then Apply. Now go play fear, when you crash, copy the Whole BSOD so i can understand whats happening..... Good Luck Red Leader
  20. Red Leader


    no problem :D
  21. Red Leader


    ok, Chkdsk is the utilty by windows views its hard drive, repairs files,indexes and sectors, and checks for other potential problems. Unless you yourself activated it, the only reason it would appear if the system encountered an error. If you see this for the first time in a while. LET IT RUN. Not only if you get out of it good you damage your HDD, itll give you a status check on your HDD.
  22. Red Leader

    Winxp Help

    Set yourself as Full Admin, and set her account to limited. Allow New file creation but as killa said , turn off DL rights. Also i let you in on a bit of info. If an admin on a comp is infected with a virus, the whole comp is affected, whereas if the Limited user is infected, she is only infected. So all you people dling porno, do youself a favor....
  23. Red Leader

    Windows Networking... Fun Fun Fun

    when you set up a new network, you must set print sharing on, or it will not work. Do this on both computers. Tell me what happens after...
  24. Red Leader

    What Are You Currently Listening To

    Evans Blue- Cold (But im still here) Dark that Follows Eclipsed Collective Soul- December Better Now
  25. Red Leader

    "authentic" Wwii Movies?

    take all WW2 movies as a whole. its easier and if you like it then why punush yourself and Not get it?