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  1. kohaku892002

    Skirmish Problem

    hello, i recently downloaded this mod, it looks great, i have one problem though, whenever i play skirmish on an official map, it automatically says, you are victorious, any ideas why? thanks
  2. kohaku892002

    Buildable B-17 Bombers

    hey guys, thanks for all the help, i have them buildable but i cant select them, can someone once again help me? thanks in advance
  3. kohaku892002

    Buildable B-17 Bombers

    it was mainly the fighters that were taking out the bombers, at least from what i've seen so can someone please tell me how to make them buildable, i want to do it for all sides, i think it would be fun to see each side being able to build their bombers
  4. kohaku892002

    Buildable B-17 Bombers

    i was also thinking about adding the bombers to the other sides, but i dont know how to make them buildable..
  5. kohaku892002

    Buildable B-17 Bombers

    *shrugs* sometimes it was like that, i remember reading about this one incident where most of a B-17 wave got shotdown and there was only like 2 left. Can someone please tell me how to make them buildable? i dont plan to redistrbute the mod etc... i wanted them for my personal use only.
  6. kohaku892002

    Buildable B-17 Bombers

    well, can you at least give me a tutorial on how to add the A-10's or the Spectre Gunship from the original Zero Hour? If you can, i can probably figure the rest out on my own
  7. kohaku892002

    Buildable B-17 Bombers

    I know you guys aren't gonna tell me how to make them buildable, but I was just going to use them for my personal use, I wasn't going to re-distrubute the mod or anything like that etc..
  8. kohaku892002

    Buildable B-17 Bombers

    ok, sorry guys, it was just a thought
  9. kohaku892002

    Buildable B-17 Bombers

    ok, I was just wondering, because you could make the A-10's and Spectre Gunship buildable in the original Zero Hour, oh well, BTW great mod :P
  10. I was wondering if there was any way to make them buildable? thanks in advance
  11. kohaku892002

    Installation Help

    hello, i am new to the forums, i downloaded Blitzkrieg, and went to install it, i choose the RA2/YR directory and i click start it says unable to install due to a CRC error C:\Westwood\RA2\Blitzkrieg.exe, i have no mods installed and i was wondering if anyone can help me, thanks in advance.