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    That Strange Feeling...

    What Killa said...
  2. Bhones

    Christmas Haul

    Several pairs of Pants Many Shirts Chocolate A Beanie, because I am losing my hair "Find Gold in Windows Vista" and "Windows ME Secrets" manuals ... those last two were cracking up the guy who gave them to me ... just the titles alone are hyterical. Gold in Vista? :P Lots of Chocolate A stand with clips for holding parts to solder, with magnifying glass attachment Origami Paper (3") Origami book with Star Wars designs and printed paper Did I mention chocolate? Bottle of Merlot
  3. Bhones

    Blitzkrieg Iii ?

    AI work to be done?
  4. Bhones


    Hmm, what?
  5. Bhones

    Nuclear Launch Detected

    Can't... stop... playing...
  6. Bhones

    Nuclear Launch Detected

    Has mine. Love the Collectors Edition; hated spending a whopping $100 for it.
  7. Bhones

    Apoc: Thanks For An Incredible Journey

    Hey, what do you know... I was half right. No APOC, or at least, no mention of him, or Lion, but the team has already formed a new group to make a TURN BASED strategy game. http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/28840/E...rategy_Game.php
  8. Bhones

    Alan Wake Pc Release Cancelled

    Agreed. ^^
  9. Bhones

    Apoc: Thanks For An Incredible Journey

    Wow... So, the C&C4 team is nuked, then, Lion quits web-mastering, and now APOC. Are they connected? Probably not, but it does have the appearance of being related. :: thinks a moment :: I know!!! I'll talk shit, and make them related! :D Okaaaay, let's start some rumors! Let's make it simple and say they are all secretly gathering, and planning on making a game modelled after C&C that is everything to it that Torchlight is to Diablo. (MMmm, I love's me some Torchlight. You can even make maps and dungeons with it, and that's fun, too.) So, come on, where's the screenshots, already?? Let's go, let's go, got to get a move on!
  10. Bhones

    All Hail The Dark Lord!

    Happy Birthday, Phoib!
  11. Bhones

    Christmas Songs

    It's also about the tunes, secular or religeous. Growing up, I didn't want to hear dry, old tunes, and always made parodies of them. "... when Santa Claws comes for yoooooou... Here's comes Santa Claws, here comes Santa Claws, coming down to tear out your braaaaain..." Now that I'm older, I see the appeal it held for my parents, now; you get to torture your kids with it, and in that, every holiday song is my favorite. :P
  12. Bhones

    Command And Conquer Zombiefied?

    Forget I mentioned it. Killa? Your horse is amazing.
  13. Bhones

    Command And Conquer Zombiefied?

    Perhaps we should make CnC.
  14. Bhones

    Created With The Map Editor

    Sorry to bump this: figured out Single player stuff. :P Thank you, drive through.
  15. Bhones

    Grassland - Terrain

    :: jotjot :: Cool!
  16. Bhones

    Created With The Map Editor

    May I check out the map and learn from it?
  17. Bhones

    Starcraft 2 Will Let You Sell Mods

    :: shrugs :: Eh, I do this expecting to not get paid, but to one day, land a job getting paid. Until then, paid or not, I'm mapping and modding. Paid moves it up the priority list, but that's about it.
  18. Bhones

    Starcraft 2 Will Let You Sell Mods

    As I understand it... There is no pressure over monetary issues while the person is making their mod/map because they aren't going to be paid to make maps and mods; they only get paid if someone dowloads from the Premium Section and pays for the file. To me, the only pressure would come from you, the creator of said content, to make the best product you can, so more people would want to buy it. Now, if a startup team is built, and paid to make things to go on this Premium Service, it would be just the same as those who worked for EA, or ISOTX. After the game is complete, the folks paying you get to profit from the file(s) you helped make and you get nothing except the payment for services rendered, unless you negotiate a percentage of sales in to your agreement with those paying you. If you make good stuff, you get to stay, and make more good stuff. Lather, rinse, repeat, until you decide to be the one fundung a startup. As for the last part of yor post, I'd have to offer this: For all of EA's issues we have had, 2POC's Community Spotlight has done nothing but good for us all in the advertising and exposure department, and all for free. Blizzard is sure to do the same, spotlighting maps and mods to draw attention to it, as, unlike EA, they stand to make a buck off of this, where EA did it out of kindness. Money will dictate they MUST advertise the good stuff posted to their Premium site, as it is in their best interest.
  19. Bhones

    Created With The Map Editor

    I liked it when they put out WorldBuilder, we hacked in, someone made tools that worked, and when there was a problem, it was addressed. Having EA's help has only made the process harder, and it is my opinion that they know and meant to. For instance: - the "delete me" boxes that represent the objects that are used in-game, but made inaccessible to the hoi poloi - the difficulty with which single player mission maps are made, if they are even possible (I have been unable to get a single player CnC3 mission going, despite all the "information" about it) - the removal of the attack priority system for single player that remains intact for multi-player AI scripting and that's just a few of the problems I have. I think access to those functions and objects were purposely removed for legal reasons. I think they probably contracted it out, since the items are "sets" of items, like most of the things that are named something "park" related. Using contracted workers probably put them in a legal mess where they only wanted their objects used in-game, but the public is not to have access to their "proprietory" objects. <_< The Single Player functionality has been made a severly difficult thing to accomplish, if it is even possible. As of yet, I have been unable to spawn a simple team at a waypoint in single player. I'm like "this cannot be that hard. It works in Zero Hour. I'm using the same scripting. UhhhhWTF!". I think this was another decision made to prevent new single player content from outshining EA's, as folks like Neo and Beng have proven with Zero Hour, and have done it all for free. That had to irk some of EA higher-ups, so I would contend they made it "one of those things" they may not have disabled, but made it so hard to accomplish, it would discourage all but the most tenacious. I have to do more digging in to the SDK, I guess. Why they would limit the access to functions and objects seems to me to be an act of self-preservation against the likes of us. I kind of hope so: I like entertaining the idea of us being a threat to EA, though I know in my heart, the mod community, though small, is solely responsible for extending the life of many, many games across all genre's. Take "Red Baron", "
  20. Bhones

    Starcraft 2 Will Let You Sell Mods

    Hmm.. I'm of a few minds about this. I will with-hold my healthy skepticism until a later date.
  21. While we might not be able ot create our own, is there a list of their names and values for unit movement and targeting behaviour?
  22. Bhones

    Mec 1.9 Released

    It really is worth the download and the re-installing of Zero Hour. I played this just the other day, and found I lost because I was too intent on watching it go. The things the game was designed to do are fun to do to your friends in head-to-head matches, but for instance, having cruise missiles lobbed at you when they are able to actually happened too often. I had to script a wait period in to that function, or they were absolutely relentless. Maybe I should have left that... :P I did this with the intent to just make it so the AI could play, too, as it was originally designed to. It turned out as well as it did, because of the mod, itself. It would not have been possible without the work already done before I decided to tweak on it. Thank you, MEC 1 Team.
  23. Bhones

    Ebn - Hawkshot Jet

  24. Bhones

    Anyone Looking Forword To Bioshock 2

    Words don't describe my envy. You're one lucky bugger HKH ^^^