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  1. Rapier

    Us Marines

    It's the 5.45x45mm.
  2. Rapier

    The Army Of The Pheonix Is Coming

    w00t! Looks great, I hope we get to see the SWAT units in more then the first mission. Maybe you could re-skin them a bit and have them be like Iraqi police officers that attack US Troops during some US or Iraqi campaign missions, or some other things. (possible neutral/NPC units in some skirmish missions). I also see you're fond of the Weltron Urban font huh EvilViking. :P
  3. Rapier

    Some Stuffs That Might Make It?

    kinda like Red alert 2?
  4. Rapier

    Official V2.0 Usa Suggestions Thread

    roflmfao!!! That could never happen, even in this alternate timeline Iraq could never get enough troops(or any) to invade the US past the US NAvy before being completly wiped out. It's like people saying China could invade us right now, they may have the manpower, but they do not have the means to project it or supply it when it's out side the country, hell, China's cutting back on the number of troops they have.
  5. Rapier

    Just Wondering

    The current version has only the old US units, no Iraq or NK yet, new US units and Iraqi units will be in version2.0, NK will come in version 3.0, or so that is what the word is around here.
  6. Rapier

    August Update #2

    The site cannnot be found!!!!
  7. Rapier

    August Update #2

    Any chance I could get a winzip file, I don't know how to play RAR files
  8. Rapier

    An Act Of War To Feature A Navy!

    Umm, isn't the CG-47 armed with a 5 inch gun? Other then that... AWESOME!!!
  9. Rapier

    Best Bf2 Unlock?

    Ok, I know I'm gonna sound like a n00b here, but how do you unlock the better weapons? Oh, if anyone has a clan they'd be willing to let me join PM me.
  10. Rapier

    The Actual Iraqi Faction Manual

    roflmfao I you did that EvilViking, that would make this the best mod ever! (Well, it already is)
  11. Rapier

    I'm Back - Miniupdate!

    NICE! Is that a cruiser I see in the first pic? looks nice, I thought the quietness of the mod team would end soon! Glad I logged on today.
  12. Rapier


    Actually, the same happens to me all the time, it's actually pretty cool /hijack EDIT: God, it's happening now, I'm listening to a mario remix...
  13. Rapier


    Sorry kinda off-topic, but i found the sound track of the movie "Madagascar", if you have time listen to the song "I like to move it". http://www.madagascarsoundtrack.com/ [/hijack]
  14. Rapier

    Official V2.0 Iraq Suggestions Thread

    Yeah, I've heard of that, I've also heard when they were testing the abrams frontal armor/turret slope, they fired a 120mm SABOT from an abrams gun and the sabot BOUNCED OFF and only put a dent in the armor, that's how strong the abrams armor is.
  15. Rapier

    Hey, Wait A Minute....

    I pretty much refuse to watch the news except for maybe CNN or BBC sometimes, and as someone stated above "The Daily Show: With Jon Stewart" is probably the only news show i watch (for you americans it's on Comedy Central).