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  1. TopazFreno

    Happy 2021

    What a world, hey.
  2. TopazFreno

    Christmas Haul

    I came here just for this, merry Christmas everyone. I got... A tie, some cuff links, some cologne. Two days of complete relaxation trumps any gift, though.
  3. TopazFreno

    So, whats up

    I got very lucky in Australia where we went to full lockdown and I still lost no work. Finances done stop for a virus I guess.
  4. TopazFreno

    Christmas Haul

    Housemates parents got me a 4-pack of beers. cant believe this thread is still around.
  5. TopazFreno

    Happy 2019

    What a time to be alive.
  6. TopazFreno

    Christmas Haul

    A shit load of gift cards for clothing stores. That's pretty much it, Merry Xmas chaps.
  7. TopazFreno

    Happy 2018

    That was Falls Festival in Byron, absolute blast. Kinda went off the rails this year and have attended just about every festival and live gig my income will allow me to. People keep having this tendency of... dying... at a lot of them though, so I don't think many will be around in coming years, which means I feel like I have to attend as many as I can.
  8. TopazFreno

    Happy 2018

    I'm still coming down pretty hard from a 4 day festival where I consumed far too many drugs. Happy 2018.
  9. TopazFreno

    Christmas Haul

    A bottle of 35 year old Glen Moray whiskey, and a boat load of gift cards because I asked for them rather than people try to guess my size in clothes. Also a subtle hint (warning) from my partners parents that they want grandchildren. Get fucked :)
  10. TopazFreno

    Anyone Still Around?

    I notice you can now log in with Twitter - the fact that this forum (and my membership... christ...) outdates twitter is a bit sobering.
  11. TopazFreno

    Anyone Still Around?

    Not dead, just dying.
  12. TopazFreno

    Anyone Still Around?

    Actually surprised to see this forum is still operational.
  13. TopazFreno

    Anyone Still Around?

    I'm just glad you people are all still alive and this wasn't some twisted nightmare I spent years dwelling in.
  14. TopazFreno

    Anyone Still Around?

    Things I am glad for: Not being able to go back and read my old posts on this forum.
  15. TopazFreno

    Anyone Still Around?

    Well currently I'm working as a financial adviser for a major lender in Australia, however over the last few months I was thrown into the deep end developing a new offshoot broking business which is going swimmingly. Other than that, just life in general. I just check in here every now and again to see who's still alive and feel the nostalgia.