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  1. General MacArthur

    I Have Returned!

    Finally, my ban is over! Yay! Welcome me back!
  2. General MacArthur

    Ohh Well...nice Knowing You Guys

    I am most likly going to be baned tommorow so I might as well not let some people know that I was wrong and I will admit it...I stole a copy of the blitz beta by my self and have used it to my own advantage...It tried runing it and it crashed wow...Anyway just to let you know since I am gone forever that I really enjoyed my time here and have overdid it a lot...I guess I wont see posts even so guys please dont bad mouth me...I was wrong and I will say it...Also smurf I lied to you on aim to get some time to think about this and I am wrong so I am telling the world...And I will Not release this beta to anyone except my self...You wouldnt even want it, dont even work...I will not say what else I know about around here but all I can say is thanks guys for the good times....I will miss you and well farewell....I am going to give everyone some advice, dont trust anyone...I got back stabed by the people I trusted tonight...The people I though were my friends...Hawk, Opal I really treated you with my respect and I cant belive you would do these things to me...Smurf I just want you to know the beta is safe in my computer hidden and will not get out in anyway...This time guys its real...I am gone Michael Albano aka General Mac forever
  3. General MacArthur

    American Hostage Executed

    Its all what war is about...There is no clean war no matter what...It is unheard of.... Country kills country in war...Father kills son in war...Brothers kill brothers in war...No matter where you are what ever side you are on war is not just under any cause...
  4. OMFG thats increadible...Wana try for 55?
  5. General MacArthur

    Is It Just Me?

    Your itching, god! I am having seasures to play it..
  6. General MacArthur


    You could always hand me the lastest beta you have hawk and Ill play ya ;)
  7. General MacArthur


    Well that was the point I guess..If its not there, then its not in the mod ;)
  8. General MacArthur


    Whats your time thingy...
  9. General MacArthur

    Corupt Files And No Im Not Stupid

    What? Do you think its funny that he made a mistake? Are you a human being, yes you make mistakes to and if you laugh at people when they make them you are a fool...
  10. General MacArthur

    Make Up Your Own Word!

    I used to have these aim buddys and one day we were in a chat room and we made up a new word....GUTZ!!!! Its fantastic...It replaces the word everyone...Its fun to use
  11. Is it possible...I have heard of about 20 tops and a nice crash to go with it
  12. General MacArthur


    What do you mean servers? Do you have like 18 hands to be playing on different servers at the same time? And im pretty sure you can dedicate them eather
  13. General MacArthur

    Man/horse-towed Units

    Really, you two is not going to help...I am going to guess most likely non moble artilery is not useful now...It is most likly slower then the T28 and almost completly usless...Yes its a somewhat great idea but why would you want to use it? What advantages does it have over moble artilary? None.... In my opinion I say make some arilary but make it non moble and as a base defense...Very usful that way so you can defend while the platoon is out hunting...Good Day, Jolly Oh
  14. I was going to see if it was possible once r2 was released but I have to say your wrong...America is pretty good none the less in zh, its just it takes something called skill...Now I apreciate you asking in a pretty nice way but its not going to happen...The ZH engine offers so much more and its like still having a black and white tv in your house when there are cheeper color tvs out, its just crazy...One can not live with out the other...If I may quote smurf "This mod IS for ZH" So basically all you can hope on is some crazy fan doing it himself...Sorry....You should buy ZH its a great ex pack
  15. General MacArthur

    Wheres The Challenge?

    They have been around since the civil war...Also I hope he ment mgs because gattlings were a litle too strong