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  1. Magus15690

    Something Is Up At Blizzard

    You fuckers are all too critical. It looks great to me.
  2. Magus15690

    1 Year Anniversary!

    I came Halogen and AR2. Now I'm a lurker. *burrows underground and launches spikes at everyone*
  3. Magus15690

    Gta 4

    They say that stuff just for good publicity. I bet Mayer Bloomberg wants to get his hands on it as well. Secretly playing it in his office. :ph34r:
  4. Magus15690

    Gta 4

    It seems that you all are too lazy to wiki GTA4. :P
  5. Magus15690

    In 28 Weeks.......

    I've been anticipating this move ever since I've first heard about it last year.
  6. Magus15690

    I Hate Drinking Games

    I know for damn sure it's not a cooler. My uncles let me drink coolers when i was 10. :P The one I'm talking about have about the same if not higher alcohol content than your average beer.
  7. Magus15690

    I Hate Drinking Games

    Nah, margaritas are like a mix of them. I guess it's called alcopop according to wikipedia.
  8. Magus15690

    I Hate Drinking Games

    I'm not really into that fermented shit. It's probably because I've never had any of the good stuff. I like wine though. I prefer like hard liquers, y'know like them fruity rum drinks. Dunno what they're called. They actually taste like something to me.
  9. Magus15690

    Vista Bad For Gaming?

    And how much did that all cost? I want to upgrade my computer.... Badly.
  10. Magus15690

    I Hate Drinking Games

    What?! How old are you? You've finally become a man. :P
  11. Magus15690

    My Vacation

    I'm starting culinary school on April 9. TAKE THAT BI-OTCH! owait. That's not considered a vacation.... :(
  12. Magus15690


    Not too sure about the "Japanese art" of it but I've been picking girls since I was 10. It's called pimpin. :P
  13. Magus15690

    Just Got A 360

    OBLIVION. And F.E.A.R.
  14. Magus15690

    Who's 18? He's 18. Who's 18? Me's 18...

    Funniest. Thing. I've heard all day. :lol:
  15. Magus15690

    Who's 18? He's 18. Who's 18? Me's 18...

    Hey, I think you've been here long enough to know that the only woman on this forum is Bastep. And only Phoib taps that. So.. yeah... :P Oh and Happy Birfday Icon!