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  1. stumpster

    An Opportunity To Possibly Stop Uwe Boll...

    http://kotaku.com/377605/uwe-boll-responds...-fucking-retard Your mission is a failure.
  2. stumpster

    Funny Quotes And Jokes Thread

    No it isn't.
  3. I'd go with CoD1, only because the idea of recovering completely in a matter of seconds is worse than 'LOLBANDAGES'. That said, for realism, play Red Orchestra.
  4. stumpster

    Super Smash Brothers Brawl

    <3 Ike.
  5. stumpster

    Ready, Aim! Fire!

    2243 best I've been able to do so far.
  6. stumpster

    Mosquito Vs Lancaster

  7. stumpster

    Could It Be True?

    Armored airborne bears. Do you need any more reason than that? C'mon, I can't be the only one thinking this. Right?
  8. stumpster

    Grand Slam

    I guarantee you that if you set your graphics to max, and played against Raptor who set his graphics to maximum, you WOULD feel lag.
  9. stumpster

    American Football

    FUCK YES. That is all.
  10. stumpster

    Old Media Does A Drive By On Mass Effect

    You forgot part two.
  11. stumpster

    American Football

    Ah, fuck. Was hoping for a Packers vs. Pats in the Super Bowl.
  12. stumpster

    Ba Flight Crashes At Heathrow

    Props to the pilot, that's gotta take some skill right there.
  13. stumpster

    Personal Logo

    Looks like JAK to me.
  14. stumpster

    American Football

    And...it all goes downhill. Christ, and I thought the Giants had a really good chance too.
  15. stumpster

    Oklahoma Ice Storm Of 07

    I really hate you.