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  1. codster

    Wow Active....

    yep, exploding infantry AND blood. thats tite! add in 20 aircraft for just USA! looks very promising, and good maps
  2. codster


    guys..........push 4 on the keypad to rotate left, and 6 to go right
  3. codster

    Exploding Infantry

    thats why they have the Avenger. one just as fast as a humvee and buildable at the start!!
  4. codster

    Exploding Infantry

    --wonders what these stage left and right thingies are-- counterstrike-condition zero and some mods for Counterstrike have exploding bodies, just like the DoD one Kaiser_Smeghead played. its fun. you shoot someone with the .338 sniper rifle, (a.ka. AWP) and they blow up. as far as exploding bodies go, how about you have mine-laying infantry and vehicles, that way you can use exploding infantry. the human body doesn't just disintegrate when an explosive goes off nearby. usually only if it is in contact with the explosive on impact ----i.e. mines, suicide bombers, well thrown grenade
  5. codster

    Official V2.0 Usa Suggestions Thread

    marines wouldn't have Bradleys they don't use them. (my cousin's husband got back from iraq a year ago, he was in the first marines, he was one of the first people to cross the berm. he was a medic and saw and did some crazy shit) instead, the marines use such vehicles such as the LAV-25 and some other vehicle called a "track". its amphibious and has a top mounted turret that contains smoke grenades and a .50 cal. granted, the weaponry isn't as good as the Bradley, but it can carry around 20-25 troops, is amphibious, and is hard to kill. not to mention the smoke grenades and turret mounted .50.
  6. codster

    Realism Vs. CnC Gameplay

    I voted realism, but I know that it can't be totally real. If it was, it would spoil it a little bit. A T-72 has never blown up an Abrams in 2 Gulf Wars. Not saying they haven't hit an Abrams, just never blew it up. I like the idea of rockets having a 1/4 chance of missing Humvees and trucks. Black Hawk Down, here we come!!! I would like better air to air combat. Right now, it takes 2 planes to kill 1. And they fire their missles about 2 inches away from the other plane. Which can be a slight problem with tac nuke migs. Tanks should be able to be owned by aircraft. Some kind of Governor needs to be placed on the aircraft so they only fire enough missiles to kill the target, not all of them. I hate when my raptor fires all 4 missiles at a rocket buggy when it only needs to shoot 2. Aircraft machine guns. Tank gunners visible. rocket splash damage on infantry. its way weak. about all infantry having rocket launchers, that is unrealistic. maybe if you gave grenade launchers to all rifle infantry, that would do some damage.
  7. codster

    Official V2.0 Usa Suggestions Thread

    I would like having the Bradley's TOW launcher raise up before firing, like in real life. Something to make aircombat interesting. Showing the planes actually dodging missles, rolling, would be the tiz. As would missles that act like missles RPGS!!!! Make them inaccurate. They don't lock on. to counteract this, you could make rpg soldiers powerful against infantry, and deadly against stationary vehicles, with the exception of tanks /m1a2, t90, type 96. That is what the anti-armor team is for with the iraqis!! and they shouldn't be able to hit planes, only helicopters. nice rpg smoke trail, btw!! Moabs are dropped form C130s MLRS would be pretty cool with bomblets. Paladins should get machine guns like in real life All tanks with machine guns should show the guy on top the tank shooting the machine gun (what is north koreas anti-air????)
  8. codster

    Jarmen Kell

    Hey guys!! BTW, your wrong about .50 caliber sniper rifles. The round is fired at the tank turret (yes, the age/type of tank matters) and penetrates the turret. It has enough kenetic energy to enter one side of the turret but not enought to exit the other side. The bullet bounces around inside the tank, killing the crew in the turret. M1 Tank drivers look through a small glass covered slit in the turret. You can see it if you look at the front of the tank.
  9. codster

    Has Any Body Considered...

    Please!! it would be so cool. Make it weak, but give it the MK19 grenade launcher so it doesn't get wasted by troops. Look at Battlefield 2!! They have both! c'mon please! -----p.s., bring back the ATTACK DOG!!!----
  10. codster

    M2 Bradley

    HAHA! to add upgrades, have the ability to have the Bradley as a normal vehicle, and you can spend a generals point on the Bradley "Linebacker". Those things are bad! They would be able to take out aircraft easily, but they might pushout the Avenger, since they can still fight armor with their maingun. About the launcher not ging to be able to be animated and raising up, you could just have it fixed in the upright position. I think it may be possible to animate, like the Paladin's gun raising up, which it can do on the move. Definetly right about the AT4 marine, they use the laser guided missle attack from vanilla Zero HOur. I noticed that the AI on the USA side is still the normal USA in ZEro HOur. They do the A10 strike with F18's (funny, because they still have the health of an F18, but it still hurts.)
  11. codster

    Black Hawk Down

    Movie sequence ingame? Hell, thats what I do in skirmish. Send in entire chinese armies with units arrayed in formations, send in so many king raptors that the ground is black from shadows, carefully planned assaults with tanks and humvees from the north, F-15s and 18s up the middle to knock out power, with transport helis coming from the south to land a bunch of hardened killers into the center of the enemy base, with the infantry and tanks fighting together, then the infantry load up onto the humvees and everyone goes home to regroup for the next assault. Trust me guys, I love making things up. Isn't this a Real-Time-Strategy game? By the way, I just hit 100 posts. "Bow to your sensei!" "I said, BOW TO YOUR SENSEI!!!" "okay, now hit me with your best shot...."
  12. codster

    M2 Bradley

    Wow, guys I just remembered something that would be absolutely tite ingame. Right now, the Bradley's TOW (ingame) shoots from the down position, which is where the tow is in realife when not in combat. In real life, when engaged or entering combat, the TOW rotates up. Look at the pics in the link above. (I know its another mod, but the Desert Combat mod for Battlefield 1942 shows off the tanks realistically, at least the Bradley) You could have the Bradleys roll around with the TOW down, and when an enemy is approaching or you tell it to attack, the TOW comes up. By the way, a TOW rocket is extremely powerful. not even an M1A2 would be feeling okay after a hit from one. ERA would be pretty cool. Would you see a difference in the look of the tank? I hated in generals how you bought upgrades and you couldn't see the effects of many of the upgrades until the upgraded units fired or got shot at. p.s. it is a 25mm Bushmaster. Look at the specs in the link. Could it be possible to put in the BMP-3? It would act to balance things out, and it has a rocket launcher.
  13. codster

    It's Party Time!

    Whoa, couple things. 1st.USA, get to love your parents. I'm 16 also, yet I don't hate them (except my dad, he's the reason my parents are breaking up) 2nd.SWAT Shotgun? Like painful up close, laugh at it far away Shotgun? 3rd. Happy Birthday!
  14. codster

    Is This Doable?

    Nice, but there your basic infantry is Marines. Why have a bunch of army guys come in? (remember the FSW guys were reg. Army) I like the idea of the operatives getting flown in, like on a blackhawk or a little bird. I personally think there should be more interesting and varied types of infantry to fit more roles, and there shouldn't be heroes. Like add in snipers that may not kill in one shot but you don't need the generals power, infantry that excel at anti-aircraft, and rocket guys can't take potshots at tanks. It gets depressing when your F-15 returning home gets nailed by an RPG. Especially since in real life they fly at thousands of feet up.
  15. codster

    What If In Aaow We Could...

    Dude, I have no clue where you live, but have you ever considered moving? Maybe you should buy a gun or something. I like the riots idea, that would be pretty good.