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  1. Crazykenny

    Help Wanted

    Im seriously concerned about activity here. It takes months for someone to reply on my comment...
  2. Crazykenny

    Help Wanted

    That clarifies. Btw, are you ever on msn?
  3. Crazykenny

    Help Wanted

    I was wondering if a decision was made? Because im really anxious to make some maps for you people.
  4. Crazykenny

    Help Wanted

    Dont worry mate, im far from finished. As you see i keep my terrain variated ;) http://img90.imageshack.us/my.php?image=sshot159qf3.jpg
  5. Crazykenny

    Help Wanted

    Thank you :)
  6. Crazykenny

    Help Wanted

    I hope you had a nice vacation then XD And sure, i'll wait for you're reply. Although i prefer you contact me on msn :)
  7. Crazykenny

    Help Wanted

    Sorry for another double post, but here is what i like to call me application: I hope you people like them. And where the hell is EvilViking? :(
  8. Crazykenny

    Help Wanted

    OMG, i see someone familair here :D Good day Cboidy8888, you're everywhere these days arnt you? Btw, i havent heard anything from Viking yet, dunno if he is on vacation or something?
  9. Crazykenny

    Serious Error

    When i want to start Blitz II i get a error at the bleu screen of generals, how can i fix this :(