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    C&C, AAOW, Reading, FOOTBALL, Metal (iron Miaden, Metallica), i also like making crappy atempts to draw Humvees with super cool stuff like 30mm Gattling guns!!!
  1. USAF05

    It's That Time Again

    Ive been waiting for about a little more than a year for 2.0, and i still havent lost interest. This is one of the best looking mods i have ever seen! Keep up the good work EvilViking! :D
  2. USAF05

    Help Wanted

    Im back. Hows everything going? you guys must be real busy, i thought this mod would have been released by now! Im 18 now, and an E-2 in the Army. Ive taken to mods again, since ive finished most of my pre-BCT stuff. Need any help? Ill give a real shot...
  3. USAF05

    Official V2.0 Usa Suggestions Thread

    OK.....Reading this ENTIRE topic has made my eyes inflamed, so ill make this short. 1. Iraq should have Eryx AT missile, sorta like the MEC off of Battlefield 2 2.Everything is perfectly ok. But Im going to have to say that I dont know enough to make any suggestions without making myself look like an ass. LOL 3.Each side's Special Forces unit should be able to enter an enemy's Command Center and reset their General's Abilities like the Sabotuer off of vanilla Zero Hour. ...and thats all i have to say....gnite
  4. USAF05


    LOL viking should change his name to Zeus or something like that. Right "Almight One?"
  5. USAF05

    Watch Your 6

    No its not, but close, that was the Su-34. This is the Su-37 an Air Superiority Fighter. The 34 is more of an F-111 than a Fighter. The Superflanker is suppose to counter the Rapor, or so to say. And by the way Viking, GREAT JOB MAN! Thats the best damn plane you guys have done yet. Awesomeness! :D
  6. USAF05

    An Act Of War: Looking Back

    Well personally i think you should put out the next beta like 1.5 or something like that so that you dont lose any fans. You wont lose me! but i cant say for the other newer people. besides itll show just how awesome this mod really is!
  7. USAF05

    Best 1st Person Shooter

    Personally i think that BF2 is the best game ever to hit the PC Screen
  8. USAF05

    Jarmen Kell

    If you actually look at this gun its doctored for those who havent noticed. That isnt an M82, its like someone got the turret from some heli and the flash suppressor from the M82 and the scope and body design of the sniper rifle from Halo and the rest is like some MG. That thing probably weighs a TON. :o any wasy how about Juhziz as a young man who has a sniper rifle or BIG gun of some sort and all these explosives???
  9. USAF05

    North Korean Air Force

    ;) well it doesnt matter if it is or isnt a word. Besides i think that a MiG-29 is a good idea, but the Su-34 would be a cool one to have.
  10. USAF05

    Jarmen Kell

    B) Personally i think Jarmen Kell is the coolest sun of a gun on the cnc hero list. Awesome merc. Really.... I think that the Iraqis should have him as there covert mercenary.
  11. USAF05

    Stealth Fighter

    Nothing, Evil. Ty2 is just being a freshman. Really i dont now how to put it. im hoping youre only misguided and misinformed, but FABs are used on the battlefield more than you think. And im not lying, i HAVE seen the dummy bombs for the NUCLEAR bomb on an F-16. it was suppose to be about 100Kt bomb. quite large acutally. The dummy is white and blue checkered.
  12. USAF05

    What If In Aaow We Could...

    very true, cause then it wouldnt be CnC anymore. Its the element of warfare and fun with extremely funny but semi-true models. Really no one would build a super weapon silo in the middle of the battlefield, but in CnC...whose going to stop you???
  13. USAF05

    M2 Bradley

    great idea AETAaAs. 2 is better cause it is very similar to the bradley in purpose, only the M2 is LOADS better, ha ha. :lol:
  14. USAF05

    Is This Doable?

    :huh: I think the U.S. Infantry Line-up should be like this: 1.Marine 2.AT-4 Marine 3.Stinger Marine 4.Field Officer 5.Sniper 6.Ranger (Delta Operative) the Field officer is similar to the Marine but they should cost about 700 credits and they have the same ability that the propoganda tower has. Also the laser idea that avengers have in the vanilla generals should be placed on the field officer so as to direct troops were to concentrate their fire. Another thing is I COMPLETELY agree with Blackhawk about ALL US Infantry being able to rappel out of helicopters. All soldiers are taught how to go down a rope. Just that the speaclialists should be able to do it faster. i dont, however, like the idea of the speacialists being flown in. Stupid cause then people would amass an amry of a thousand heros. better to build them at barracks but have a buildlimit to 20 on them.
  15. USAF05

    Stealth Fighter

    WO, WO, whats wrong with FABs? You think they arent realistic or not placed on jets? Let me tell you something. My dads been in the air force for about 22 years and hes seen about 19 seperate "F-16C Block 50s" loaded with 2 3000 pound Fuel AIr Explosive bombs. He didnt care to tell me their technical term cause your not suppose to know that falcons get FABs. They were using them on above-surface installations in iraq. They are VERY effective and can clear a building of all personnel in a matter of seconds with only causing moderate damage to the structure leaving it intact so as to be commandered by ground forces of our army. Now would you doubt the effectiveness of FABs over an experienced F-16 Crew Chief??? I thought not...