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  1. Neospecz

    Neospec's ranting

    You know what Blck, you're an asshole and an insensitive lonely man who loves to badmouth and use foul words to make yourself cool and t3h man and I'm sure I'm not the only who think the same about you, but I'll be objective when I say I like the way your team handled things with Halogen and can't wait for Asylum. You're a prick that I wish I can meet in person so I can drag you on the ground, but I honestly believe that your work is far too much better than what Blitzkrieg 2 has ever achieved. Yes I know, they do this on their free time, they're not paid to do this, they do this for the love, they do this for greater justice, they do this in memory of those who fought for freedom, what else am I missing? It's not like I'm asking them to make US and UK a separate faction or add Italy on it, I'm just saying how much of a half assed this mod has become because of lack of attention to alot of minor things which makes this mod definitely half assed. I think some people might agree with me that all of you are good with PR and screenshots but when we actually see it...holy fucking shit, where's the uninstall button? Those minor issues are alot of it and it reflects the wholeness of the mod. You know when you describe something 'cool', you're just being subjective, try to be more objective just a wee bit. Ha, I wish. I'm gonna remember this statement of your Rattus and I honestly hope this will indeed take place. Just to name a few examples, it's very difficult to be patient when you read 't3h infantry will be revamped' when all you get is the same reskin and when you read a chest-thumping news that there's a NEW Soviet rifleman when all you see is another reskin. @flyby I honestly want you as leader of Blitzkrieg 2 ever since I met you. That's just to cite a few, Einstein. Don't forget a flawless uninstaller as well while you're at it, the one that won't require a clean GenZH install after being enlightened of the sad fact. Yeah I know there's PayPal, this is very old. You always say 'shut the fuck up' to those who speak of what you doesn't sound favorable to you, right?
  2. Neospecz

    Really Eye-opening Documentary

    The League of Nations...errr, I mean the UN, is fond of condeming, condeming and condeming only through words.
  3. Neospecz

    Neospec's ranting

    Thank you Korona, I wouldn't expect you to do this favor but thanks. Neo, I like you. You're dedicated to your assigned task and not much of an asshole like other people I know of here. But seriously, your news with new missions, campaigns or the likes of it is kinda...it's like you get the "oh no, another one of these again?" impressions. I said mismatched textures, like they don't match at all? Or perhaps they're all match and I'm wrong, eh? And when do you finally plan to properly align the bones in some structures that looked not-so-good when a unit comes out of it? By the way Phoib, let's try to be objective for awhile, can you honestly tell me that this mod is still on it coolness level? Honestly, I think the problem with you people is you keep on adding new content and leave whatevers bugged/glitched as it is like it's not broken that doesn't need to be fixed. I can't be specific on which stuffs are horrible because I don't want to install the mod again.
  4. Neospecz

    Neospec's ranting

    Haha, pointing out how much Blitzkrieg 2 is starting to become a joke makes me a selfish lil cocksucker eh? What's the matter, can't handle the sad fact? Tell me I'm lying that this mod is starting to become a half assed mod. Tell me this mod is still on its prime, I dare you.
  5. Neospecz

    Neospec's ranting

    .... Ooowkai...
  6. I don't mean to be an ass but there's shitload of WW2 retail games who's forte is missions and campaigns. Why are you people so focused on this and why not fixing those bugged models/AI instead? Anything that's not mission or campaign related my goodness. That's what retail WW2 rts are into, freaking missions and campaigns, don't you people think you should focuse elsewhere? Now before someone shouts that if I want shining new models, there's the PayPal button, well I'm not asking for shining new models but I hope those bugged models (improperly rigged structures, mismatched unit textures, etc) gets fixed first? Sad to say alot of good crews seems have given up (busy/real-life whatever) on this mod. The only people that are active on this are mappers. This is not an attack, but an observation...oh well, flame me. I will surely roll on the floor laughing if there will be some nerve to make Blitzkrieg 3 in CnC3 or SupCom. Haha, if there will be a port over on CnC3, I'm not gonna be surprised to see reskined GDI soldier for an Allied rifleman <_< Flame me. I just have to let it out of my chest. EDIT: And where's the fucking revamped infantry that was previously promised?
  7. Neospecz

    Generals Powers

    I don't know with you guys but I also get a French subfaction in the Allies.
  8. Neospecz

    Teens Barred, Sex Is For Preteens Only

    You're not funny. I've determined that you should live a miserable life, die a slow and painful death and go to hell, you and your whole bloodline. Now that's funny. :lol:
  9. Neospecz

    Supreme Commander Modding

    Can it be modded non-VTOL take offs because futuristic RTS always links aircrafts with VTOL take offs like its the fad of t3h future.
  10. Neospecz

    Finally - An Update!

    Wait, that was sarcasm to you? LOL!
  11. Neospecz

    Supreme Commander Modding

    What? No civilian structures and only trees?
  12. Neospecz

    Finally - An Update!

    ...and I'm sure you can read Viking's mind as well.
  13. Neospecz

    Finally - An Update!

    o rly? Quite bold for a first post I must say.
  14. Neospecz

    Community Summit Report

    Not even a modable way to do it? I can't believe WarCraft3 was able to pull it off and not CnC3 :(
  15. Neospecz

    Community Summit Report

    I just thought I'd ask you Phoib, I know this is very insignificant but pls bear with me. Was there a day/night cycle?