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  1. Shinobi

    Happy 2019

    Who even pays to keep this place running??
  2. Shinobi

    Anyone Still Around?

    I came to see if blitz 4 was announced yet.
  3. Shinobi


    .helloo? Is it me you're looking for?
  4. Shinobi

    Tankfest 2012

    dang, i got all excited, went to national rail, realized it is 6 hours away :(
  5. Shinobi


    Look busy?! This place is bustling with busy chaps such as myself, busy and motivating everyone to work
  6. Shinobi


    teh forums, ITS ALIVE
  7. Shinobi


  8. Shinobi

    Well Then

    Phoib's plans for the end of the world is on hold, due to shortage (laziness) of staff. I would justify myself but I can't be bothered
  9. Shinobi

    Some Wedding Songs

    I love you less and less...heartbreak hotel..still haven't found what im looking for..i never loved you anyway..used to love her... should i stay or should I go? Is this a divorce?
  10. Shinobi

    How To Flirt A Girl On First Date For Dummies.

    Your face is dumb
  11. Shinobi

    How To Flirt A Girl On First Date For Dummies.

    Have you considered rohypnol?
  12. Shinobi


    whoa started in september? Looks good though! :)
  13. Shinobi

    Dark Summer'96 Mod

    very nice, very nice. Makes feel like I should do some work :P
  14. Shinobi

    It´s Time To Kick Some Ass And Chew Bubble Gum.

    What a manimal, so it's REALLY coming out and this isn't some random made up trailer this time? Oh boy oh boy!
  15. Shinobi

    Volunteers Wanted For Mission To Mars

    Mann I would defo tap sharon stone in total recall