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  1. Jackseno

    Never Give Up, Never Surrender.

    I can do 2D artwork, including buttons, cameo stuff. email me if you want some sample work, not sure what the standard level is.
  2. Jackseno

    Never Give Up, Never Surrender.

    wait, you mean all that time you wern't actually doing anything.......a year?! Positive Comment Edit Mode V2.0: On the flip side its good to see someone working, and thank you for informing us
  3. Jackseno

    Site Working Again

    it's because it's not coming out :ph34r: I mean we havn't been told it's actually coming out yet.
  4. Jackseno

    The Main Site Is Down

    took you long enough to notice? ;)
  5. Jackseno


    gen reaper, go play MEC. NOW
  6. Jackseno

    Help Wanted

    nice work.
  7. Jackseno

    What The Hell?

    after much searching for the US faction mannual I found it and saw this: campaign only?! is this true??! The little birds are fantastic and a great part of the mod. your thoughts or opinions?
  8. Jackseno

    The Actual Iraqi Faction Manual

  9. Jackseno

    Help Wanted

    no don't worry the name of a place where a guy called crazykenny was, and annoyed the heck out of everybody.
  10. Jackseno

    Help Wanted

    hold up....crazykenny from BB? I sure as hell hope not.
  11. Jackseno

    Abrams Reskin

    thanks. I took a break from other things to play AAOW for the day. brought back the good times.
  12. Jackseno

    Abrams Reskin

    It looks like the wait for 2.0 was rather longer than expected, and lord knows when it will actually come out I made this so the abrams would fit in in 1.1, the most up to date version the public has. yes it's a crappy re skin but the woodland camo looked out of place. download: http://files.filefront.com/Artrar/;7955602;;/fileinfo.html Instructions: extract to zero hour folder
  13. Jackseno


    any free recomendations?
  14. Jackseno


    what programs does the AAOW team use to create the models?? I tried emailing but didn't get a responce, lets hope your not literally dead :blink: so far I can only find shareware, any help?
  15. Jackseno

    Notice: No More Unnecessarily Negative Topics

    if they were dead they would of released what they already had. Try and think of it as some one trying to build a house of cards on a life support machine. Anyway. CWC looks the business but gameplay wise sucks so bad it makes my face hurt. however.. I would take a bullet for V | GO (as long as i lived to play it of course)