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    Hmm...Generals maybe?
  1. Ty2

    Rah-66 Comanche

    yeah i knew that they nerfed it but that doesnt mean something wont happen that will require such a thing so that start it up again
  2. Ty2

    Assad Babl 2 - First Iraqi Render!

    i reckon the aaow team should release a completed US version just so they dont loose to many impatient fans, im gonna wait for it, but id really like to see the new US side
  3. Ty2

    F/a-22a Raptor

    ive read tons of publish military stuff bout the f-22, i think these days the usaf is more interested in stealth these days over anything so they would chose an f-22 for a fighter/bomber mission over the f-14 anyways. as for the f22 as a plane, usaf has poured everything it knows about the tehnology into this fighter, its got more advanced counter measures, payloads (although not more versitile they admit) and things like thrust vectoring, radar, early warning systems, supercruise (ie, dam good engines) and of course stealth...its so good that lockheed martin technologies (the creator) has an exclusive contract with USAF and the plane cannot be developed for any other country even the greatest allys of US (britain, australia), i know for a fact we are purchasing the jsf to replace our old f-111 fleet. As for F-18's they have quite good statistics for thei purpose and remain probably one of the mose useful planes available....thats my 2 cents
  4. Ty2

    F/a-22a Raptor

    silent killa is right on this one....dude, get ur facts right, f-22 own f14, they look like shit too lol
  5. Ty2

    F/a-22a Raptor

    theres a quote somewhere saying its most manuverable aircraft in the us arsenal
  6. Ty2

    Is This Doable?

    a sniper that doesnt kill in one shot??? what the...
  7. Ty2

    Assad Babl 2 - First Iraqi Render!

    Excellent work as usual, keep it up! :D
  8. Ty2

    F/a-22a Raptor

    aha! thats funny...but not true.... they are dinosaurs...keep up.....even migs out manuver them
  9. Ty2

    Stealth Fighter

    a fuel air bomb, yeah right....im not gonna start up an argument about the realism of the FAB....eveilviking...are you changing the stealth fighters look? ps: this is irrelevent but whats the plan for ur command center (us)
  10. Ty2

    Rah-66 Comanche

    For that...NO CHOCOLATE! Chocolate for you... dude get it right, it was being designed as a stealth chopper but it was refused funding!!!!! if the us put more money into it its achieveable Come on paladin, lets take our comanches elsewhere!!! PLEEEEEAAAASSSSEEE!!!! pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls lol ;)
  11. Ty2

    F/a-22a Raptor

    yeah, mate i totally agree, JDAMS are guided bombs so maybe we should have em balanced, i was just being balanced....stupid me
  12. Ty2

    May Showers Of Upates #3

    the assuld babl tank or whatever and the iraq dozer was there...
  13. Ty2

    Rah-66 Comanche

    The first stealth light reconnaisance chopper ever attempted by the US military was canceled due to lack of funding for the project but what if sometime in the next few years they started the program up again?.....I propose the stealthed attack chopper be included in aaow for the USA air force general....i believe it would not be too much of an advantage to be labeled unbalanced....just give Tugunskas stealth detection or sumthing lol....the comanche should be armed realisticly lighter then the apache which should really be armed a bit more then it is in v 1.1... Evilviking, team, and others...what's your opinions?
  14. Ty2

    F/a-22a Raptor

    its a real great plane, i reckon it would be really useful but still balanced if u could swap the missiles for a few unguided bombs in aaow
  15. Ty2

    May Showers Of Upates #3

    well the new iraqi renders were in there and thats what matters... but hey you dont wont anymore people snooping around in there aye.... glad to point it out ;)