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    August Update #2

    Nice video, and textures got my dinner plate all ready for the 10 course meal ;)

    Welcome To The New Forums Everyone!

    Well it did say welcome to new forums everyone so where did I do wrong ?? Opals25 + the rules dosen't mention as such maybe I was in the gray area of the mentioning my number 1 post as being my first post is not bragging as the rules state I was refering to the welcome group post not as a whole diff thread and if anything by you adding to JokerAce was more a bump then mine because you new the bumping rules, i don't no any one to bump for to help there count get real here guys---> http://www.derelictstudios.net/forums/inde...?act=boardrules btw My view on this matter, your sig fits jokerAce LOL. CHEERS

    Welcome To The New Forums Everyone!

    This is my first post as a new member, I just installed AAOW 1.1 into Generals Zero Hour, and I played the AAOW MOD then I went and uninstalled the AOW retail game because I like this MOD so much better, thanks alot to ALL YOU GUYS for all the work you placed into this MOD. I really injoy the Mod ver much. and look forward to the other enhancement you have in the oven. Cheers